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Want to try cannabis but don’t know where to start?

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Now that cannabis is legal, you might be curious about it but maybe feel a little intimidated by the options. Weed Mama has devoted much of our website to teaching newcomers how to start with cannabis, visit to learn more. Cannabis can be inhaled, ingested or used topically. Inhaled is the most common methods and Weed Mama recommends you start with vaporizing. It’s gentler than smoking and you’re able to control how much THC …

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3 ahhhmazing ways to experience cannabis

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There are some things that go perfectly with cannabis, like pairing wine with foods, pairing cannabis with the right activities will create a simply heavenly experience. There are so many things that are greater with cannabis and to each her/his own. We all have our preferences but there are tried and true things that pair beautifully with cannabis. Cannabis heightens your senses, makes everything a little more intense like taste, touch and sound. Here a …

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Got tummy troubles? Cannabis can help!

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So you’ve finished you’re thanksgiving feast but now all the foods you’ve eaten are fighting in your digestive system making you feel like you may need to hang near a toilet for a few hours. We’ve all been there, especially for those of us who suffer from I.B.S (irritable bowel syndrome) and GERD. Horrible cramps, burning, gas, belching and nausea all can be relieved with cannabis. There’s evidence that cannabinoids (chemical compounds of cannabis) protect …