Vaporizing cannabis is the Weed Mama preferred method! It feels different than smoking, it's less harsh on the throat and gives you the option of turning up or down the temperature allowing you to customize your experience

Watch this video on dry herb vaporizing to learn how to use vaporizers properly, how to get the best flavour and which vaporizers I recommend.


Pictured is the Utillian 721 portable convection vaporizer

What is vaporizing?

Vaporizing is the process of heating the cannabis to a temperature below combustion (450f or 232c) releasing the cannabinoids into a vapor you inhale. The benefits of vaporizing are:

  • Less smell

    Vaporizing does have a smell but it's much less than smoking, if done outside no one will notice the smell

  • Temperature control

    You can turn up or down the temperature to control which cannabinoids and terpenes you release

  • Better taste

    Vaporizing at lower temperatures allows you to enjoy the lovely taste of the terpenes, especially from Sativa or Sativa leaning cultivars

Different types of dry herb vaporizers

There are two types of vaporizers you can buy- portable and tabletop or plug in. Plug in vapes are good if you never plan to use it outside your home and are a medical cannabis patient. Portable vapes are good for keeping close at hand.

There's two types of heating methods for vaporizers:
Convection: a more complex method that heats the cannabis more evenly by passing heated air over the flowers. These vaporizers are usually tabletop types however there's portable versions as well.

Conduction: heats the flowers through direct contact of an electrically heated surface. This is the more common heating method of portable vaporizers and vape pens.
*some portable units are a combination of both

Choosing the right vaporizer for you

When it comes to choosing the right vaporizer you should consider your lifestyle needs, for example does it need to be portable and discreet? Then you should look at something like the Pax 3 or a new vape called the Davinci. However if you're a connoisseur of terpenes, then the Arizer Air may be a better choice for you. Visit our reviews section to see what Weed Mama recommends. 

Battery: One of the most important features of a good vaporizer is the battery. A removable battery means you can replace it easily if it fails, however if the unit has a good warranty on the battery, then you can get it replaced if it fails within the time of the warranty. 

How to Vaporize


Step 1: Grind flowers

Grind flowers to a medium/fine grind. You don't want it too fine as you can inhale particles however you want it fine enough that it bakes evenly. *Check the recommended grind for your unit.


Step 2: Fill the bowl

Fill the bowl until it's a cm or so from the top edge and tap it down lightly. Some vaporizers require you to tap it down quite a bit and others you want to loosely pack the bowl. Usually when you buy the unit, it will tell you how to pack the bowl.


Step 3: Heat & inhale

Set the vaporizer to the desired temperature- once it's heated, wait 30 seconds before you inhale (get better vapor if you wait). Then inhale for a count of 5. Repeat as needed.

Weed Mama Tip:

Keep the AVB (already vaped bud) as this is already decarboxylated and ready to use in edibles if you cook with cannabis.

Cooling the vapor

Most vaporizers have accessories you can buy separately such as bubblers and water pipes. These attachments allow you to cool down the vapor making it smoother and it helps bring out the terpenes even more.

Research which water attachments you can buy with your device and give it a try, it's especially good when you have a sore throat or asthma.
(in the photo is the Arizer Air 2 with bubbler attachment)


Temperature Guide

The greatest thing about vaporizing is the ability to control the temperature, therefore customizing your experience with the plant. The lower the temperature the less THC you inhale, also lower temperatures have a better flavour. Different cannabinoids and terpenes are released at different temperatures as well, 170C/338F to 200C/423F is considered the ideal range for low to high vaporizing, however you can try even lower to see how that feels, experiment with the temperatures to see what you prefer. Start at a low temperature for your first try and increase the temperature as needed.

Low temperature

160C/320F to 182C/360F
Lower temperatures are lighter and don't have the same mind altering effect. Best temperature range to enjoy the terpene flavours. Good for the daytime and when you need to stay alert.

Medium temperature

182C/360F to 190C/375F
These temperatures are ideal for getting most of the whole plant (cannabinoids & terpenes). Lower mid range good for the day, higher temperatures can make you sleepy.

High temperature

High temperature 190C/375F to 220C/428F
These temperatures are best for the evening as higher temperatures can make you drowsy. The effects tend to go to the body more and are good for pain relief.

Cannabinoids boiling point:

THC 157C
CBD 180C
CBN 185C

Terpenes boiling point:

Pinene 155C
Caryophyllene 160C
Myrecene 168C
Limonene 176C
Linalool 198C
Humulene 198C