Weed Mama was founded by me, Shannon (hello, hi or high!) 

I'm a mother of two children, my daughter was born in 2010 and my son in 2014. Both pregnancies did a number on my body, I know you can relate moms! My pelvis is a disaster, my joints ache, back hurts, I'm exhausted always and life doesn't stop, ever, not even when I desperately need it to stop. But it does slooowww dowwwn beautifully with cannabis. Oh how I love this magical herb! It relieves my aches and pains, it elevates my mood and, try playing another round of Candyland after a little THC, trust me it's better.

Cannabis is therapy.
After a long day with the kids, I vape a good indica and have a hot bath, there's nothing that soothes me better than that. It's a vacation without going anywhere and I want to show you how to feel like that too!

I founded Weed Mama to be a guide for newcomers to legal cannabis, I want those of you new to cannabis or coming back after a long hiatus to have a good experience. With over 20 years of experience with cannabis, I know my stuff. However Weed Mama isn't just for newcomers it's for everyone who loves cannabis.


Warm welcome to all the Mama's!

I chose the name Weed Mama, not just because I'm a mother, for all the mama's! Weed Mama is for the hot mama or the baby mama or the grandmama, the single mama all of us mama's who enjoy cannabis share a common thing, our love for this wonderful botanical! I hope you find yourself at home here in a safe space for cannabis with solid advice from experienced users.

My background story: Anxiety, becoming a mother & modern cannabis

I've struggled with anxiety since childhood and I'm not alone, most of the women I've come across in my travels have anxiety issues, it's very common. Because of my anxiety disorder I have to be careful with THC, if I take it the wrong way it can make my anxiety worse, taken properly it makes me feel better. I've learned which strains are good for me and how to find that sweet spot with how much I take in.

I smoked cannabis from the ages of 18 to 35, I had to stop because it started to give me bad anxiety, the reason why was because the source of our cannabis was from a grower that liked to grow super strong weed. On top of that, smoking cannabis makes THC very potent and I started to react badly to it, so I quit. This is the main reason why so many people I know who used to smoke cannabis quit and never looked back. I always hear "I don't like the way it makes me feel". Neither did I, until I was introduced to modern cannabis.


Two difficult pregnancies brought me back to cannabis

My first wasn't as an easy pregnancy and by the end my blood pressure went up too high so they induced me and it was horrible. Several days of zero sleep and several rounds of cervadil and pitocin and then three hours of pushing to birth my daughter. Her birth however, was beautiful and worth all of the pain.

When I became pregnant with my son I 'd just turned 40 and I told my doctor I didn't want to be induced, I just didn't want to go through all of that again. My pelvis was in bad shape from the first birth and I decided a c-section would be better for me, however I was convinced to aim for a vaginal birth by my OBGYN. By the last month the BP was way up and I was in the hospital weekly for monitoring. At 38 weeks I was told I needed to be induced, convinced by my OBGYN it wouldn't be like last time, it would be faster. 
She was dead wrong.

Three days of them trying to induce labor didn't work and on the third day my placenta tore from my uterus (placenta abruption) and I nearly bled to death. I was rushed to surgery where I was put under general anesthetic so I not only didn't get to see the birth of my son, I almost lost him. He was resuscitated and spent the first night in the NICU and me alone in my room in horrible pain, no sleep and traumatized. I was so angry, so scared, so very weak and it was all so unnecessary. Recovery was long and painful, especially with a 3 year old who needed constant attention. I wish I'd known about CBD and vaporizing then.

No sleep for years

My son then decided he wasn't going to sleep more than 1-3 hours at a time until he was 3 years old, gah! I went insane from sleep deprivation. I said and did stupid things because I was too exhausted to think straight, and the pain was intense, my bowels were a disaster and sometimes my pelvis would lock up entirely and I couldn't walk. I ran a daily marathon with an average of three hours of broken sleep a night and it took a heavy toll on my health and well being...and sex? Pretty much non-existent.

Modern cannabis to the rescue!

I'd been on a six year hiatus from cannabis when I was re-introduced to it by my husband. At the time he'd just gotten a membership from a dispensary and switched from smoking to vaporizing. I was worried it would give me bad anxiety again, however it didn't. I was astonished at how good it made me feel without any of the previous side effects. I was finally able to bring cannabis back into my life and feel it's healing effects, it worked wonders for me. Modern cannabis allows you to control how much THC you take in, it gives you many different choices and methods for consuming it and then there's CBD, the magical cannabinoid that for me, drastically reduced the side effects of high THC strains and anxiety.

And sex? Magically fixed. Read about it here

Cannabis has as magical story for everyone who loves it, something it does just for them whether it's used medicinally or just for fun. Cannabis is a versatile plant, we hope you love it as much as we do, because guess what my secret reason is for Weed Mama? I just want to sit around with friends and use cannabis instead of wine. I want to be invited to vape a bowl, not drink merlot. I do like wine but cannabis creates a different experience, one I love and hope to share with you!

Weed Mama

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