Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Weed Mama’s you love

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Mother’s day is a little different this year, many of us are still in lockdown and unable to go to a nice brunch, or get our nails done and some of us can’t see our moms this year. It’s been one hell of a stressful year, so here’s Weed Mama’s picks for the best cannabis gifts to give the mom you love (or yourself because you deserve a treat too!)

Gift ideas for the mom who grows cannabis

Spring is when outdoor growing season begins. If the mom in your life grows cannabis or is interested in growing cannabis, here’s a list of gift ideas for that will make her green thumb happy:

How to Grow Cannabonsai book by Cannabonzai Inc.

how to grow cannabonsai book
How to Grow Cannabonsai

I just love so much that you can create a Cannabonsia! This is becoming a trend amongst cannabis growing enthusiasts, especially women. Why not turn your cannabis plant into a living sculpture? The How to Grow Cannabonsai by Cannabonzai Inc. will show you how.

The Grow Planner by Goldleaf

Grow Planner by Goldleaf

Goldleaf makes a beautiful journal called The Grow Planner for cannabis growers to keep track of important details. Knowing what nutrients you added and when, the cultivar your growing, date you started the plant and keeping track of any problems like pests, is valuable for anyone growing cannabis plant. Growing cannabis can be tricky, keeping track of everything will help you yield the best results.

Cannabis Seeds

Parkland Flower marijuana seeds
Parkland Flower cannabis seeds

You can now buy cannabis seeds from any cannabis store. They’re usually in packs of 3 or 4 seeds. These seeds are by Parkland Flower, the founder Kieley Beaudry has a child with cystic fibrosis, and has been in the cannabis industry for many years. She’s helped other parents of children with serious health conditions, manage the difficult side effects of their disease. This mom has her heart in the game, so this Mother’s day support another mom and look for Parkland Flower seeds at your local cannabis stores.

Gifts for the mom who cooks with cannabis

Cooking with cannabis is not only fun, it’s a more cost effective way of getting your dose. Here’s a few gift ideas for the mom who likes to eat her greens:

Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen cookbook by Stephanie Hua

Edibles small bites cookbook
Edilbes Small Bites cookbook by Stephanie Hua

This book is a little different than the other cookbooks on the market as it’s a low dose cookbook. This is the perfect book for the foodie, who is looking for both sweet and savory options and only needs just a bit of cannabis.

MB2e MagicalButter Machine

Magicalbutter Machine
Magical butter

The Magical Butter Machine is a small countertop device that will infuse herb into butter, oils, lotions and more so you can make edibles, tinctures, face creams, bath salts and whatever else you can add cannabis to, you can even make your own infused lube. The MagicalButter machine grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your the cannabis so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a popular machine and less expensive than the Levo. A perfect gift to spoil a mom you love for mothers’ day.

Cannabis themed cooking accessories

marijuana leaf chocolate mold
Marijuana leaf silicone molds

There’s several cannabis themed cookie cutters and molds that you can buy for a cute gift for the cannabis cook. This marijuana leaf silicone mold is a smart way to make sure everyone knows those chocolates are infused!

Gifts for the Wellness Mama’s

We all know that mom who like to juice daily, eat healthy and doesn’t need to be told to take time for self care. These cannabis products are for those health conscious mamas in your life:

Grapefruit bath bomb by Nuance

CBD bath bomb by Nuance
CBD Grapefruit bath bomb by Nuance

The Grapefruit bath bomb by Nuance has 100mg of CBD in it for a super relaxing soak. They’re big in size and leave your skin soft. There’s also a Eucalyptus scented bath bomb as well.

Sync 15 Chocolate mint & linalool CBD oil by Emerald Health

Sync 15 chocolate mint and linalool CBD oil

Sync 15 chocolate mint & linalool CBD oil gives you a little bit of chocolate and a hint of mint. This is the perfect oil to add to hot chocolate, a mocha, chocolate smoothie or simply taken straight. There’s 15mg of CBD per 1ml of oil, and as cannabis oils can taste pretty weedy, this one offers a nice change of flavour. The addition of linalool will offer a little extra calming for anxiety and sleep.

Dosecann CBD cream

Dosecann CBD cream
Dosecann CBD daily cream

I haven’t tried the creams by Dosecann yet however I love their 4:1 cannabis oil and I’m so far impressed with this company. CBD is great for the skin, and what makes me recommend this product is the high dose of CBD in their creams, they offer 1,200mg of CBD per 60ml. That’s the highest amount of CBD I’ve seen in any topical, even on the legacy market.

Here’s a quote from their press release on this product “CBD Cream formula combines high-quality CBD extract with Natralipid™ Meadowfoam seed oil, a plant-based emollient found in high-end skin creams and valued for moisturization, transdermal barrier repair, skin penetration and unsurpassed stability…Dosecann Daily Relief CBD Cream has a mild, neutral bamboo scent and is packaged in a recyclable glass jar with a built-in seal to preserve freshness.” You can buy the Dosecann CBD cream from the BC Cannabis store.

For the moms with a sweet tooth

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat, especially with cannabis! These are a few edible options that taste great, they’ll also satisfy that mama who loves sweets:

Wild Strawberry chews by Sunshower

Sunshower wild strawberry edible
Sunshower Chews

I love the Wild Strawberry chew by Sunshower, they’re a tasty treat with natural flavours. If you’re mom likes strawberry flavour, she’ll love these. Each package contains 5 chews with 2mg of THC in each.

Baked Apple chews by Verse

Baked apple chews by Verse
Baked Apple Chews by Verse

Want to know what fresh apple pie would taste like in a candy? Baked Apple chews by Verse tastes exactly like baked apple pie. These super tasty chews offer a unique flavour that doesn’t taste artificial. They also have an assorted pack which is just as tasty, both would make a great gift.

Pomegranate Blueberry Acai by Wana

Wana CBD and THC edibles
Wana chews

What I love most about the Pomegranate Blueberry Acai chew by Wana is the high dose of CBD you get with each chew. With 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC per chew, this is the highest amount of CBD I’ve seen in an edible. They not only taste good, they give you a healthy dose of CBD and I highly recommend this edible.

Cherry Cola Pop chocolate by Kolab

Cherry Cola pop edible by Kolab
Cherry Cola Pop by Kolab

The Cherry Cola Pop chocolate by Kolab is not only tasty, it’s fun! Each square has pop rocks so you can feel like a kid again, while also getting elevated. I’d like to high-five whomever invented this chocolate because it’s the happiest edible on the market. Giggle then get high, the best gift for the mom who likes her edibles sweet.

Even though you can’t do what you normally do for mothers day this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself and the moms you love. Visit Weed Mama’s reviews page for more cannabis gift ideas for mom.

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