Cannabis makes you feel sensual, increasing desire and it helps with painful sex, especially after childbirth.


it's a thing, ladies!

Remember that 'Sex and the City' episode where Charlotte proclaims "I have doctor said my vagina is depressed!" It was a funny episode but in real life painful sex is no laughing matter. I was diagnosed with that very thing when I was pregnant with my first child and it became much worse after the second.

I had a second degree tear from birthing my first child and an emergency c-section with my second that caused pain near the incision even years later. Sometimes it just hurt too much to have sex. I hadn't touched cannabis in 6 years and went back to it by vaporizing a mild sativa strain called Maui Wowie. I tried a small amount on a low temperature and wowie, no pain! Not only did I have NO pain but it felt velvety. Much to my amusement I discovered that a local dispensary sold a strain called "velvet vagina'. I did some research and found this was a common occurrence, women who had painful sex used cannabis and described it as feeling like velvet.

Cannabis gets you in the mood

It takes effort to climax during sex, an effort that just doesn't seem worth it when you're exhausted and you've been running a marathon all day. Sometimes a lack of desire can come from other reasons such as depression and anxiety, stress, illness or you just found yourself in a rut, it happens.

Cannabis makes you feel sensual, like you want to touch and to be touched. Cannabis acts like a curtain blocking out the stresses of the day, all the noise in your head goes quiet and lets you be in the now. It heightens your senses and puts you in the mood.

Recent study shows cannabis increases sexual desire

"Sex therapist Lawrence Siegel noted that in particular, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol -- the cannabinoid THC -- appears to target a part of our brain associated with sexual arousal, at least in females..."

Sex & cannabis without the high

The elevated feeling you get from THC isn't for everyone however there's other ways to improve your sex life without the intoxication. You can try taking CBD as it's good for alleviating pain and reducing anxiety. However you can also use topicals, there's cannabis infused lubricant that can be applied directly to the vagina.
Weed Mama will be testing cannabis products for sex when they become available on the market.
(THC infused topicals are supposed to become available in late 2019)


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Less is more when it comes to Cannabis & sex

There's a right way and a wrong way to use cannabis for sex. Think of it like the difference between having a glass of wine or two to loosen up, compared to doing a line of vodka shots, it's easy to overdo it with THC.

Weed Mama recommends vaporizing

I know a lot of women who smoke cannabis, and prefer it and that's great if it works for you. However the downside to smoking cannabis is it smells strong and can feel harsh on the throat and lungs. It's also easy to get too much THC smoking cannabis. Vaporizing bakes the cannabis, releasing the cannabinoids into a vapor you inhale, it never reaches combustion. This gives you better control over how much THC you get. Lowering the temperature, lowers the amount of elevation you feel, especially if you don't inhale too much.

Regardless of the method you choose, go low and go slow. Use a lower THC strain, inhale just enough to make you feel relaxed with a little elevation. This will enhance your sexual experience without risking couch lock or feeling too jittery and nervous. When you do too much THC it can make you sleepy, great for when you want to sleep but not for sex! Indica strains tend to give you that couch lock feel so choose strains that are sativa or sativa dominant hybrids.

Higher THC can also make some people feel anxious, depending on the strain. I recommend trying a few different lower THC strains ahead of time so you know what will work for you. Some strains that are generally well tolerated and relatively easy to find are blue dream, tangerine dream and if you want a higher CBD strain with minimal THC, try a strain like Harlequin. Aim for 15% THC and under, for higher CBD strains try 5% and higher.


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