Thinking of trying edibles? 5 things you need to know before eating that cannabis cookie

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You’ve been doing your research and you know you don’t want to inhale cannabis so you’ve decided you’re going to try an edible. Here’s the problem, edibles are very potent and it’s easy to take too much but you won’t know if you’ve taken too much for a couple of hours and you’re looking at waiting several hours for it to wear off.

Edibles are strong

When you ingest THC, it’s metabolized in your liver and turned into 11-hydroxy-THC which is more potent than THC. This gives you a much stronger psychoactive effect than other methods which is why it’s so important to start low and go slow.

Edibles come in a variety of products including water-soluble which makes them fast-acting and less potent than standard edibles. Mostly it comes down to dose, finding the right dose for you is the key to feeling good.

Here’s 5 things you need to know to have a good experience

1- Dose is everything

The standard starter dose for edibles is 2.5 to 5mg.
If you’re someone who’s prone to anxiety, start with 2 or 2.5mg, if you don’t have anxiety issues, start with 5mg.

It takes two hours to feel the full effects of edibles. So whatever you do, don’t take more until it’s been two full hours. The biggest mistake people make with edibles is thinking it didn’t work and take more before giving it a chance to kick in.

2-Wait before taking more

It takes a full 2 hours before you’ll feel the full effects. Don’t take more before that thinking it wasn’t enough, cannabis edibles hit all at once so give it at least 2 hours before you try more.

Increase your dose in small increments, like 2 to 5mg if you found the dose you took wasn’t enough. Some people have a natural high tolerance, you may need to go up in higher increments if that’s you, however most people going up about 2 to 5mg is plenty.

I recommend waiting until the next day, or a full 8 hours before taking more as this will help you figure out your dose. However if you don’t want to wait that long I recommend waiting at least 2 hours before taking more.

3- The method matters

Veryvell water soluble drops

That tray of infused homemade brownies may look divine but you have no idea how much THC you’re getting. Same with that infused dinner, you want a precise dose with your edible. This is very important when you don’t know your tolerance level.

You can take capsules which are a good option if you have children around, they look like medicine making it easier to keep the kiddos out. There’s several options on the market for edibles from capsules, oils, chocolates, gummies, beverages, dissolvable strips and more.

Fast-acting edibles are a great place to start when you’re new. They have an onset of around 15 minutes and a duration or 60 to 90 minutes. Fast-acting edibles are water soluble so all of the beverages on the market, dissolvable powders and strips will all be fast-acting. You can also buy water soluble drops that can be added to food or drinks.

Visit the Edibles Reviews page to see what options are available

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4- Be in a place you feel safe and comfortable

Home is the best option however on vacation can be nice as well. Choose a time when you know you won’t be called into work or have to be with the kids so you’ll feel at ease and relaxed. It makes all the difference to feel at ease when you try THC.

Being in a crowded, loud or busy setting can be overstimulating for many people when using cannabis, especially edibles. Get to know how cannabis makes you feel before taking an edible at a party or busy place.

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5- Always take THC with CBD

I can’t stress this enough, always take CBD with THC especially edibles. CBD helps to reduce the side effects of THC, I think of it like scrubbing bubbles cleaning up around the edges. CBD is the best thing to take when you’ve taken too much THC as it reduces the high and the anxiety.

With edibles I would do at least a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Unless the edible already comes with CBD, I recommend taking CBD in capsule form with your edible. Find fast-acting CBD products to keep on hand in case you take too much THC.

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Respect the plant

Don’t wing it and just eat an edible because someone offered it to you and it seemed like a good idea at the time, THC is no joke if you take too much. I can’t stress this enough, I’ve known too many people who went to an infused dinner, or tried an edible that was too strong only to spend the entire evening crying while hugging a toilet from taking too much.

The good news is, no matter how much you took, you won’t die. There isn’t a lethal dose of cannabis, if you took way too much you might feel like you’re dying, you won’t. (Please contact your doctor before trying cannabis, if you have a serious heart condition).

Go easy, be smart and start with a low dose in a safe setting. Edibles can feel amazing if done correctly, it’s just takes a bit of trial and error to find your dose. What is my dose? 7.5mg that’s it, 10mg can sometimes be too strong but 7.5mg is perfect. We all have a different tolerance level, everyone is different and it’s not a contest! You’re dose is your dose.

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