The unsettled mom brain and how cannabis can help

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When I was pregnant with my daughter I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety/panic disorder by Dr. Misry (yep, that was her name) who looked very bored and followed her quick diagnosis with a suggestion that I buy her book. I didn’t buy her book but I did do everything I could to manage my mental health. I saw a therapist and worked on managing my thoughts.

Along the way I discovered I have ADD, which makes things so much harder. Remembering to do even the simplest things is a challenge, trying to remember when I’ve had little sleep and I’m overwhelmed, so much worse.

But hoooboy when you have kids generalized anxiety just comes as a package deal! Their health and well being is always on your mind. Everything is amplified from financial concerns to nutrition, their physical health and if they’re happy at school and just happy in general.

You’re forever worried about their safety and every decision you make has their well being on your mind, and on and on it goes. It can drive you mad when you find your own health neglected and your relationship is suffering because you’re just too exhausted and you just need some balance, some ease of mind. Help, you need help and sometimes that comes but most often it’s all on you.

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Cannabis can help calm down your mind and body

This is where cannabis can step in as that much needed help. Especially in the form of CBD. This miracle cannabinoid can help to ease your anxiety and allow you to settle down your thoughts.

Thinking logically is hard with a brain that’s so taxed but when you feel calmer it’s much easier to make good decisions and think rationally.

THC can also help to lift your mood, I find low doses of THC and high dose of CBD a good combo however in the day just CBD can do the trick. Think of it like the natural supplement Bachs Rescue Remedy. You can take CBD in a similar fashion, as needed. However it’s best to take CBD daily to get the maximum benefits.

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Finding calm with cannabis

There’s other ways cannabis can help you calm your mind without consuming THC, if that’s a concern for you. You can take a bath with an infused bomb infused with cannabis, this feels fabulous and very relaxing. Combine that with a CBD pill or tincture and you’ll feel even better.

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Using THC to find calm

Meditation, yoga and a simple walk in the woods are all great ways to use cannabis to enhance relaxation. A low dose with high CBD is the best combination for these activities.

In the evening, after the kids go to bed is when you can really maximize your relaxation with THC. This is a good time to take higher doses of THC and be creative, journal, draw, read or whatever activity helps get your creative juices flowing, this is you time, when you can finally do the things that you want to do.

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Sex and cannabis for the ultimate stress buster

Take your sex life to the next level with cannabis. Cannabis help you to relax, feel good and enhances your senses. Cannabis gives you more powerful orgasms, including multiple orgasms when used correctly.

Cannabis reduces pain and increases arousal, it’s nature’s greatest aphrodisiac for women. It can also be used topically, in the form of intimacy oils to increase pleasure and reduce pain during sex. Of course this is with or without a partner, masturbation is wonderful on cannabis.

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Experiment until you find the right method for you

There’s many ways to use cannabis to feel better during the day, reduce stress and feel more at ease. The best thing you can do is experiment with different products and dosing until you get the right fit for you.

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