Weed Mama, for the love of cannabis

At the heart of Weed Mama is reverence for this wonderful healing botanical, this plant truly is therapeutic for many people. Having fun is also therapeutic and just like sharing a bottle of wine with friends is a good time, so is sharing a bowl of cannabis. Weed Mama believes wholeheartedly in enjoying yourself in a safe way and this site aims to teach you about dosing and consumption methods, so you can feel good. 

Weed Moms are relaxed moms not bad moms
Weed Mama works to strip away the stigma attached to it from years of propaganda by providing scientifically backed information about cannabis, allowing you to make an informed choice. With the ever evolving information around cannabis, it's important to get reliable information. Being a parent is hard enough without the added judgment around using cannabis as a way to relax and unwind. Learn how to use this plant properly so you can be at your best for you kids, and for yourself! 


Weed Mama founder Shannon Chiarenza

Shannon Chiarenza is a classically trained artist with a background in graphic design. She was also a professional Flash animator and web designer for 15 years. Shannon wrote several how-to articles on web design to help small businesses before she had her children in 2010.

After coming back to cannabis from difficult childbirth, she took her experience to create Weed Mama, a platform devoted to teaching the basics of cannabis and singing it's praises for women.