Art is therapy and cannabis can help

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Spotify sent me a song suggestion called “The right to destroy myself” a haunting piece of music. It made me think about that feeling, when we need to fall apart. Those difficult times in our life when we have a crisis of self, a nervous breakdown but that’s exactly what we need. It’s how we evolve. Like the tower card in tarot, we tear down our walls and get back to the foundation to build something better, stronger from a more experienced, wiser place.

Sometimes this is forced upon us by circumstances out of our control, other times we do it to ourselves. Either way is painful, messy and takes great effort and courage to come back again. But come back we do, with resilience coursing through our veins, we’ve survived this dark night of the soul and we know it won’t be our last. Each time we’re stronger, we feel the pulse of everything, this is where great art is born, also where a new part of us is born.

Heal yourself with art

Do not fear the dark places your mind may take you, let it out through art. It doesn’t need likes or to ever be seen to be necessary. Don’t judge it as good or bad, just let all that mess flow out through your pen, or your brush, or your voice, or your instrument, or your body, or your camera, or your food, however which way your turmoil comes to art, let it go freely.

Art is something we all need to create, it’s meaningful, purposeful and gives us some peace, it’s what sets us apart as a species, what makes us human is our ability to create. Art is simply a creative expression, it can take any form.

Art doesn’t have to hang in a gallery, it can be anything

In art school we debated on what is art, “everything” said my instructor, “even the dabs of paint on the back of your pallet”
But that’s not done purposefully, we argued “ah but it was” he replied.

Cannabis can aid you in finding that creative place with less resistance and more abandon, it’s why I love it so.

Research has shown that cannabis can increase cerebral blood flow to the frontal lobe in the brain which enables us to brainstorm, get those creative juices flowing it’s great for out of the box thinking. Like in the TV show “Suits” Harvey Specter uses cannabis when he has a difficult problem that needs a unique solution. However like many things and cannabis, you need to stick with a lower dose, around 5 to 10mg. Getting into higher doses doesn’t have the same creative boosting effect.

Just go create

Whether you use cannabis or not, you’re an artist of some sort and you’ll find wholeness when let you that part of you run wild and free.
Create a beautiful mess.

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