A look at a modern cannabis services- Cannabis coaching with Cannabis Coach Juliane Nowe

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What is cannabis coaching?

When I first started smoking cannabis over 12 years ago I didn’t know anything about cannabis. I was smoking, as my small town would call it, ditch weed. I was smoking whatever anyone was growing that was available to buy. Yes, I enjoyed smoking it or I wouldn’t of continued to buy it but I found that each time I smoked it, I would feel different. Sometimes my throat would hurt, other times I felt so tired that I didn’t want to do anything and other times my anxiety was gone and I was extremely focused and productive. About 3 years ago I started learning about cannabis from my life partner and since, have become a medical cannabis patient myself as well as taken certification and training. My mind is continuously in awe in all there is to learn about cannabis from the endocannabinoid system, to what strain(s) and administration method works for which diagnosis or for the quality outcome you are looking for, education and advocacy, to the difference between thc and cbd and SO much more!

A cannabis coach answers all of your questions. They fill in the gap as to-I want to use Cannabis, now what? There’s so much information out there that it’s hard to know what to believe and trust and what not to. It’s also a great way to find a community or trusted person that you can talk to about cannabis and lifestyle because the stigma is still pretty fierce in some places. My coaching is different in the sense that I meet a person where they’re at and then guide them to their desired outcome and this includes looking at the person as a whole- what’s their day to day like, what are they treating, are they using cannabis for recreation or medical or both. What’s their lifestyle, what do they know already, what have they tried in the past and doesn’t work, what are their eating habits, do they have a spiritual practice, etc. It’s combining everything as a whole and not just cannabis education.

What brought you to cannabis coaching as a profession?

When my life partner and I met, I was fully immersed in cannabis education. He is the founder of 12 medical cannabis clinics across Canada and uses cannabis to treat PTSD, brain injuries, chronic pain and more. These clinics do not sell cannabis. They connect patients to doctors and then the patient with their prescription to a licensed producer who is legally able to sell and grow cannabis in Canada through Health Canada. They were finding that there was a huge gap in education and support. There used to be one option and now there are hundreds. Everyone felt lost and confused so Cannabis Coaching was created to work with each patient to answer their questions, to guide them and support them on their journey. Peer support was then also created to find community, connection and to share stories. I became involved and started coaching others who weren’t part of the clinics-friends, social media connections, students from the Natural Wellness Academy and through word of mouth. This is when I decided to create LadyNowe last November-so I can share my experience and knowledge with as many people as possible! It’s like having your best friend with you through the journey but who also happen to be the most trusted source!

What can someone expect from an appointment with you?

Depending on the person, an appointment can include anything from the following:

  • A personalized plan for holistic treatment for each client based on their condition
  • Inform the client and their caretakers as to the various options available for dosage and delivery
  • Teach clients how to make infusions, edibles, topicals, decarbing capsules, etc.
  • Educate groups about the benefits of CBD and Cannabis
  • Education on the endocannabinoid system
  • Recommend lifestyle changes and enhancements to support positive changes
  • Combine cannabis with holistic health and life coaching for maximum results
  • Integrate cannabis education into your current area of expertise
  • Ways to educate others and advocate for themselves and others

Who is cannabis coaching for, and is this a service that can be done remotely?

LadyNowe Cannabis Coaching is for anyone looking to become a medical cannabis patient and wondering if this is the right choice for them and if so, the transition to do so. For anyone that’s already a cannabis medical patient and has received a prescription but has no idea what to do next (for example, what strain they need and why, if they need more than one daily, if they need to smoke or vape). For anyone looking for more education to empower themselves or to educate and advocate for others. For professionals looking to add cannabis into their careers (for example: doulas, coaches, yoga teachers, naturopathic doctors, etc.) For anyone looking to have a quality experience and to feel educated on cannabis where legalization is coming to their country or state. All of my coaching is done virtually either with uberconference or zoom or done in person.

What does cannabis do for you, how has it enriched your life?

Cannabis has healed multiple infections in my body. When you know what cannabinoids you need and why-it brings your body back to homeostasis. Cannabis only kills negative cells and bacteria not the good ones. It literally enters your body and knows exactly what it needs to do. I smoke cannabis every day to treat anxiety and chronic pain. Smoking breaks the blood-brain barrier treating PTSD and anxiety. I also take CBD oil weekly to keep my immune system happy and to ease my chronic pain, PMS and anxiety. Cannabis has allowed me to live my life fully, without fear, without missing time or precious moments. It has saved my life partner as a veteran with PTSD and it has brought our family closer because the kids are educated and all of us are present and living in harmony.

One final thing-when looking for a coach-find someone you connect with. You want someone with experience AND education. You also want someone that is compassionate and matches your core values. Go with your feelings and trust your gut.

Julianne Knowe works with anyone needing medical cannabis advice, if you need help with chronic conditions and think you qualify as a medical cannabis user, contact Juliane Nowe


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    1. Hi Julie, I don’t know the answer to that question, you could contact Julian and ask where she took the course.

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