Top 5 Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2023: Budget Friendly to High End

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Here are my top 5 dry herb vaporizers for 2023. These units weren’t released in 2023 but they are the ones I stand by as good quality for the price. I included affordable units along with higher end models so you can find a good dry herb vaporizer for your budget.

I’ve ranked these in order from lowest price to highest price models.
Let’s get into it, here’s my top 5 picks:

1- POTV XMAX Starry V4

(Approximate) Price: $120 CDN $100 US
Precise temperature control
Replaceable rechargeable battery (2500MAH 18650)

Ceramic oven
1 Year warranty

The POTV XMAX Starry is the same unit as the XMAX Starry, the only difference is the branding is less noticeable. On the POTV model it’s etched in, on the original model it’s white text.

I’m always on the lookout for a budget dry herb vaporizer that is good quality and that’s not an easy task. However the XMAX Starry brings a good quality vaporizer at an affordable price.

It’s a solid unit with precise temperature control which can be something missing from cheaper models as they often only have 4 preset temperatures to choose from. This unit allows you to put in the precise temperature you want.

However the biggest selling point for the XMAX Starry is the removeable and rechargeable battery. This is rare to find on a dry herb vaporizer at this price point and it’s why it made this list. I also find the flavour isn’t bad, vapor quality is decent and overall this is a great unit for those of you who are on a tight budget.

Buy POTV XMAX Starry

-Removeable rechargeable battery.
-Budget friendly.
-Ceramic oven.
-Flavour is decent at lower temperatures but gets lost at higher temperatures or longer sessions.
-Vapor path is short so it gets a bit hot at higher temperatures.

2- Fury Edge by Healthy Rips

fury edge dry herb vaporizer

(Approximate) Price: $180 CDN $120 US
Sliding mouthpiece and accessory mount
Precise temperature control
USB C charging
Pass through charging (can be used while charging)
1 year warranty and Lifetime 1/2 price replacement warranty

The Fury Edge by Healthy Rips is one of my favourite dry herb vaporizers because of the numerous accessories you can add. This unit comes with two mouthpieces, one you can add a glass straw or bubbler the other one has an empty chamber you can fill with glass beads. I made a YouTube video explaining how to do this trick, you can watch the video here. Filling the mouthpiece chamber with glass beads gives it superior flavour and cools the vapor.

The Fury Edge is compact, comes with several accessories and is a great unit for the price.

Buy the Fury Edge SE by Healthy Rips

-2 different mouthpieces you can add accessories like a glass straw, bubbler or their baller stem.
-ability to use the unit while it’s charging
-internal battery however the lifetime 1/2 price replacement warranty makes it more desirable.

3- Air Max by Arizer

(Approximate) Price: $220 CDN $200 US
Removable rechargeable 26650 battery
Glass mouthpiece
2 year warranty

Arizer Air dry herb vaporizers have always been loved in my home as they have exceptional flavour BUT only with the bent glass stem attachment. This is also true for the Air Max which is identical to the Arizer Air except the Air Max has a bigger battery, faster heat up time and improved on/off controls.

If you’re a connoisseur of flavour, the Arizer Max with the bent stem attachment rivals Storz and Bickels units. These units are built to last, both the Arizer Air we bought 10 years ago and the Air 2 we bought over 5 years ago are still going strong without diminished flavour, vapor quality or scorching from the oven, which can happen in older units.

Overall Arizer Air models are fantastic dry herb vaporizers and are a good choice for a unit that will last for years.

Buy the Air Max by Arizer

-Removeable rechargeable battery
-Incredible flavour with the bent glass stem attachment
-Well made, long-lasting vaporizer
-Can attach a water bubbler
-Glass stem makes it not very portable, better for home use
-Small bowl means you’ll have to refill the bowl often

4- Davinci IQ2

(Approximate) Price: $330 CDN $250 US
Removeable rechargeable battery
Android and IOS App compatible
Glass lined ceramic oven
Adjustable airflow dial
10 year warranty

If you follow me anywhere on social media, you’ll know I’ve always recommended the Davinci IQ2 as my top dry herb vaporizer. That’s because it meets the criteria for most consumers. It’s feature packed, has good flavour, deep oven with an adjustable pearl to reduce the oven size for smaller amounts of cannabis, it’s portable and sleek. However it’s the 10 year warranty and removeable rechargeable battery that makes this unit so great.

I’ve had the Davinci IQ2 for several years and I haven’t always been careful as I’ve dropped this unit on a cement floor and it didn’t break, it’s a durable vaporizer. It’s maintained it’s flavour, the oven hasn’t started to lose it’s temperature control that can happen as they age.

While the price is higher than other models, it will last and with a 10 year warranty you can feel more confident with the higher price tag.

Buy the Davinci IQ2

-10 year warranty
-Removeable rechargeable batter
-Feature packed
-Adjustable oven size
-Adjustable airflow
-High price
-Can be tricky to clean

5- Crafty + by Storz and Bickel

(Approximate) Price: $360 CDN $280 US
Ceramic heating chamber
3 year warranty
App for Android or web app for Apple
1 button control

Storz and Bickel makes great quality, high-end vaporizers. The Crafty + is their lowest priced unit however it still delivers on great flavour and vapor quality.

We’ve had our Crafty + for almost 3 years and it’s held up in great flavour. This is the connoisseurs dry herb vaporizer as it has the best flavour over any unit (with the exception of Arizer Air units with the bent glass stem attachment). Overall the Crafty + is a durable, well crafted dry herb vaporizer.

Buy the Crafty + by Storz and Bickel

-Great flavour
-App control
-internal battery
-battery life diminishes over time

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