Soothe 2:1 vape pen by Dosist

THC: 45.00 - 55.00%,  250.00 - 350.00 mg/g CBD: 22.50 - 27.50%, 225.00 - 275.00 mg/g
100 doses - 2.5mg per dose
Terpenes: Terpinolene and β-Caryophyllene

Pictured is the disposable option for the Dosist pen, I don't recommend buying the disposable pen. Mine died before I used 100 doses and when I was about halfway through the oil, I stopped getting vapor. Disposable pens have a high failure rate and the only reason why I bought this pen was because it was on sale for a really good price at Village Bloomery. These pens are now available with a rechargeable battery and I highly recommend you buy the battery, which costs around $20 and buy the replacement cartridge as needed. 

I did like this pen (when it worked) it has a lemony terpene taste that's a bit peppery. As you inhale, once you get the 2.5mg dose, it vibrates so you know when to stop. I find it buzzes a bit too fast as I like to take longer, slower draws however that's just a matter of getting used to how it works. It's light in feel however it's advertised as strong, as it's higher THC to CBD ratio. I would recommend this one for before sex or yoga or any time you want to feel THC but not too much. The great thing about Dosist pens is they're made for people who need a lighter pen. Vape pens can go up to around 95% THC, they can be very strong, this one is around 50% THC so it's not too much.

My biggest issue with this product (all vape pens really) is the price. They're costly at about $55 a cartridge plus in B.C we have a 20% tax on vaping products (excludes dry herb vaporizers) so that can add up. However if you're looking to just try cannabis, don't want a product that's too strong and with an effect that won't last too long, this is a great option. This is a good option for beginners, however you may want to try the Dosist pen called "Calm" as that one is high CBD and low THC.

Did you try this product, what did you think?

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