Ladies, it’s time to embrace aging (with the help of cannabis!)

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I’ll be the first one to admit getting old sucks the big, hairy, droopy flat ass. I look in the mirror now and watch as every year my youth fades and the old lady in me starts to emerge. My neck is looking like a twisted tube sock when I turn my head, my nipples just disappear when I lean forward. My hands are getting spots and creping skin is happening everywhere. I’ve got lines on my upper lip, jowls forming, loose skin and hair in weird places. Except my eyelashes- my once thick, long lashes are thinning rapidly. Oh and I finally understand how Samantha Jones felt in Sex and the city, I’m getting grey hair down there and just like Samantha, my vagina can’t get old! That’s just the outside, there’s the decreasing energy, vaginal dryness, perimenopause mood swings from hell, aching, stiff joints and a host of other health issues crop up more and more as you age.

Who’s that woman in the mirror…

With the changes comes someone I don’t recognize. This aging woman I see in the mirror, I have to get to know her now and a part of me is resisting, I don’t want to let go of the woman I was. However I’m still me, I still feel young in my heart, it’s just my outer shell that’s changing and so what, that’s all superficial stuff anyway. Inside I’m learning and growing, more experienced, wiser and more in control of my mind. As I age I become more and more like perfectly cured cannabis and that’s what we must celebrate!

There’s a wonderful gift you get to unwrap slowly over time when you age and that’s something to look forward to, while we may not be able to run and jump as far as we used to, we can still be fucking amazing.

Don’t let that old lady move in!

Years ago while watching the Oprah Winfrey Show, a woman in her eighties came on however she looked much younger. She was vibrant, youthful and she still had an active sex life! Her advice on this is something I’ll never forget “don’t let that old lady move in”. While we might look old (we can’t do anything about that) we don’t have to let that decrepit old lady move in! Taking good care of ourselves when we’re young is vital to how well we age. Some of us will get hit with health issues we can’t control, that will reduce or mobility and abilities but it doesn’t mean you diminish, you’re still a vibrant being.

The sex ladies….

While I can’t speak for women older than me, I can tell you this (for me at least) you have a sexual awakening. I mean by the time you’ve reached your forties, you’ve got by this time about 20 to 25 years of orgasms under your belt and you’ve learned some things, you know how to cum, you know what feels good, you know what you want and you feel so desirable, you want to desire and be desired, you want to feel it all because you don’t want to waste anymore time.


Youth and beauty are not accomplishments. They’re the temporary happy byproducts of time and/or DNA. Don’t hold your breath for either- Carrie Fisher

It’s time to rebrand aging for women

The desire to look youthful and be young is a terrible thing for society as a whole. We’ve prized being young too much, which leaves you in a not so good place when you age. Youth is put on pedestal by society for it’s beauty, youth is used to sell products and a dream. I remember watching T.V with my mother who would sneer when a commercial came on for anti-wrinkle cream “well I guess if you’re 20 yrs old you have great skin” she said. I was young and a bit confused by what she meant but then as I got older I could see why she was put off. When the majority of woman we see in advertising are young, women cast in leading roles are usually young and beautiful, it can make you feel like you aren’t desirable anymore when you age.

By the time a women gets to be in her fifties she’s seen as grandmotherly, no longer fuckable. Thank the stars this attitude is changing and that media is now putting older women in leading roles. We had a 50 year old bond “girl”. Then there’s my personal mentor to aging- Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, who wore her age as a badge of honor.

Older women as mentors

I find myself looking up to women over fifty, I want to learn from them, I want them to tell me what it’s like to be fifty, sixty, seventy- do I have thirty more years of great sex to look forward to? Does it decline after menopause? Will I not care as much anyway? I look to women rocking it when they’re older, I want their secrets, their wisdom, teach me! Show us how to be hot as fuck after fifty, I want to be that way all the way until I’m dead. This is what we have to fight for in society, stop seeing people with grey hair and wrinkles as old, undesirable and irrelevant and see them with new eyes; they’re experienced, wise and can probably bring you to an earth shattering orgasm in minutes.

We don’t grow old, we level up

If you can look at things from that perspective, turning forty will be something you can celebrate, turning fifty and sixty something to celebrate, our lives will always be rich and full, because we’re more seasoned. We don’t grow old, we level up, I’m level 45, how about you? Sounds better when you say it that way and I’m tired of women hiding their age, to this day my Grandmother won’t tell people her age and she’s 92! (we think). Your age is something to wear with pride. I have more experience, more of an understanding of myself, my place in this world and the roles I play: mother, wife, educator, speaker, woman, mentor. I’ve always searched for mentors, now I can be one and that feels great.

There is of course the downside of aging, the increased aches and pains, health issues. We experience more traumas, hardships, death and disappointments which can make us feel anxious, sad and just stressed out all of the time. This exacerbates any health issues we have such as pain and mental wellbeing, feeling good in your body becomes more and more challenging as you age.

Enter cannabis, the fountain of youth

Baddie Winkle, 90 yr old cannabis advocate who’s rocking her age like a superstar. Be like Baddie.

Cannabis is a gift to our tired, achy aging bodies and minds. Cannabis makes you feel fabulous, really it does. Your senses are heightened, you feel desirable, you want someone to touch you, you want to experience new sensations whether it be with fabrics, places, people, ideas, art, food and sex. Sex and cannabis are the perfect coupling, they complete each other and help you overcome anything that might be a hindrance to enjoying sex such as pain, anxiety and hormonal issues that come with menopause.

It helps calm your system down, it helps with tremors, PTSD, depression and anxiety. It helps relieve chronic pain, allows you to feel present and in the moment. It gets you in the mood for intimacy and helps with vaginal pain. I could go on and on about how cannabis is beneficial to us as we age but it’s something you’ll have to try for yourself. I encourage our aging population to try cannabis and see if it helps, you can try cannabis in the form of CBD which doesn’t cause any intoxication but still works for anxiety, tremors and pain. However THC combined with CBD is where the real magic is, take small doses of THC at first, under 5mg or around 5% in a strain to see how it makes you feel. Try different strains as the terpene profile and type (stativa, indica etc) creates a different effect in your body, some will work better than others.

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  1. Loved todays message, what a blessing you are taking away the myths about cannabis, thank you

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      Thank you, I love teaching about cannabis and trying to normalize this beautiful plant

  2. I prefer straight Weed but Trying CBD in different forms such like pillow etc . I enjoy the article post

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