Can you mix wine and weed?

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This summer I took a trip to Oliver BC, wine country and visited plenty (7 l think) wineries. At first, I didn’t get the appeal, I’m not that into wine, I like it on occasion but it’s not something I’ll go buy for myself. However each winery offers tasting and that’s where I discovered the magic of wineries. I tasted all the Pinot’s, Merlot’s and Rieslings I could and felt swept away in the stunning landscape of rolling green hills of grape vines. I also bought three bottles of the tastiest wines and while I was in my slightly drunk stupor, even wondered if I should buy more and get a wine fridge!

However, that night after the alcohol wore off I vaped my usual amount of cannabis and went to bed with my heart pounding out of my chest. My body didn’t like the combo.

Alcohol and cannabis aren’t good together, usually, however there’s a way to do both where one enhances the other, as I discovered on my trip to various vineyards.

“weed before wine and you’ll be just fine,
wine before weed and you’ll be sorry indeed”

Do cannabis first and take a low dose

Cannabis enhances the senses, making the taste, smell and touch more intimate and rich. Before having some wine do a small amount of cannabis. A 1:1 is a perfect strain for this as they’re usually lower in THC and high in CBD.

Before I headed out to the wineries, I vaped an 8% 1:1. I did just enough to feel relaxed but not enough to feel high. This made the wines I tasted more layered and full bodied, it made tasting wines more of an experience, something to savor.

Cannabis is strong and has a much different feel than alcohol, especially if you take an edible as that will last several hours. It’s easier to control your experience if you take cannabis first, that way you can carefully drink alcohol and stop when it starts to feel too much.

Hard alcohol and cannabis is a bad combo

You need to be experienced with both to be able to do this and not feel the spins or have your heart react. Knowing your tolerance is key to not overdoing it and getting sick. I’ve found many newbies to cannabis, who may be seasoned drinkers, make the bad mistake of drinking some hard liquor and smoking a joint at the same time and regretting it instantly.

Don’t mix cannabis and alcohol until you’re familiar with your tolerance for both. As I mentioned before, use cannabis first as this will help you moderate how much alcohol you can safely have and allow you to enjoy more depth of flavor from your drink.

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