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Topicals have arrived to the Canadian cannabis market but are they worth the money?

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I really want to add a topicals review section to Weed Mama however I’m disappointed by the offerings currently available on the legal market. They’re too low in THC and CBD and way too high in price. Topicals come in a variety of options such as; cannabis infused bath products, salves, creams, lube, massage oil, hair products and makeup. I use topicals to manage joint pain and I love love love an infused bath. My …

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Dos and don’ts of sex on edibles

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Sex on edibles is a hot topic and one I get asked about frequently. When you’re new to cannabis or edibles even, there’s a few things you should know before you pop that THC gummy and jump into bed with your partner. Don’t take an edible without knowing how much to take I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard about someone just eating infused food and regretting it a couple of hours later, …

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How to use cannabis to feel proper

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Over on The Mom Buds we’ve started a series called “Feeling Proper: a series on cannabis & wellness”. What does that mean, to get proper? Awhile ago, after I hadn’t used cannabis for a few days I took a couple of draws from my vaporizer. I remember exactly how it felt, like someone unplugged me and plugged me back in again and suddenly everything was running smoothly. I mentioned to my husband how I felt …

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New school cannabis accessories: Pipes get an update

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The Parlour: Posh Pipes by Kassandra Sison As a mom, there’s a few things that I consider when I’m shopping around. Durability. We can’t have nice things. Two bongs have already met a fateful end (although those were both very much my fault) and I already have too many chotchkies around my house so I want to be mindful about what I purchase and who those purchases support. Is it something I want to, and …

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This mother’s day, give yourself a little THC

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Ever since the kids were born my husband and I have a tradition we follow, he gives me the day off for mother’s day and I give him the day off for father’s day. We do the same for birthdays. It works for us because I’ve been a stay/work-at-home mom since they were born and my husband also works from home, so we both spend a lot of time with the kids. Therefore we feel …

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The Parlour with Kass->How to use the OHAI Thumb Roller

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By Kassandra Sison Straight off the bat I’m going to confess, I suck at rolling joints. I mean they smoke…sort of. They’re almost always inconsistent, or they run. But I do enjoy smoking them, so what’s gal to do? You could go the route of purchasing pre-rolled joints and skip this whole thing, and I sometimes do for convenience purposes, however that can be pricey and if you’re a regular consumer, you’re definitely going to …

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What moms really want for Mother’s Day

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By Kassandra Sison Ah Mother’s Day…the one day a year that we go out for….oh…wait…Mother’s day is going to look a little different for a lot of us this year. If you’re like us, the days have started to blend together a little bit lately and we’re not quite sure what day it is. Well, Mother’s Day is coming in hot and heavy regardless, so we’re here to help provide some inspiration and insight into …

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My husband and I had sex on magic mushrooms and it was a game changer

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I’ve kept a container of psilocybin (aka magic mushrooms) infused chocolates hidden in my freezer for months. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to try them. The last time I did mushrooms was in my 20s, my husband (my boyfriend at the time) and I took the bus to the Bloedel Gardens in Vancouver. We stuffed a bunch of mushrooms in a slurpee and waited, I think we did 2 or 3 grams. At …

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I’m surviving panxiety with cannabis

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I’m writing this sitting at my kitchen table, wearing my favourite yoga pants that are barely holding on by a thread. There’s a gigantic hole in the crotch and the black fabric between my thighs is rubbed off and soon to split, there’s also growing hole in the right leg, do I fucking care? No, and yet I absolutely care at the same time. I’m oddly calm but also fighting off panic attacks. I bathe …