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5 Must have home accessories to elevate your space

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Cannabis accessories have come a long way, you can now buy from luxury cannabis brands where you can spend serious money on posh pot. Fancy yourself a $345 ashtray how about $240 for rolling papers?

Cannabis has evolved into something fashionable and upscale which is in stark contrast with people still in prison for small cannabis charges. Slowly this is changing as more and more places legalize cannabis and hemp.

Cannabis is here to stay and there’s ways you can add cannabis products to your living space that will look great and spark conversation.

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Hemp is fabulous and eco friendly

Industrial hemp is grown with less than .3% THC so it’s a great alternative for anyone looking to avoid THC. THC free CBD products use hemp to extract the CBD.

Hemp creates a durable, natural fiber that can be used in numerous products, it’s highly sustainable, grown without pesticides and even provides UV protection. Hemp can also be used to make clothing, rope, paper, beauty products and even fuel.

Hemp is a bioaccumulator, meaning it extracts toxins and pollutants from the soil, they use hemp for toxic spills like Chernobyl. Cannabis is really and truly a magical plant with so many uses.

I’ve added some hemp products to the list as it’s a simple, sustainable way to add cannabis to your space without anyone knowing.

5 must have home accessories to elevate your space


Throw pillows are a great way to add a little personality and pizzazz to your space, and there’s lots of hemp pillows to choose from, or get one with the plant on it if you want to add the leaf into your décor.

Photo credit: Wild & Raven

The Ucluelet Throw Pillow Cushion Cover Moon Phase Hummingbird is a hemp pillow cover that’s stunning and made in Canada. I love pieces like this that add a little personality and art into your space. You can buy this pillow from Wild & Raven.

Photo credit: hemporganiclife.com

Hemp floor cushion for Meditation or extra seating. A meditation pillow is a great thing to have it also offers extra seating for guests. This pillow by Hemp Organic Life is made with hemp fibre can also be used as a yoga pillow and you can buy it here.

Photo credit: Designsofweave

This handmade cannabis leaf pillow looks good and will definitely be a conversations starter. You can buy this pillow from Designsofweave shop on Etsy.


Another great way to add personality to your space is with containers like vases and bowls. Cannabis accessory designers have made beautiful, functional objects that double as an ashtray or bong and no one will even know.

Photo credit: Coming Soon

I love these unique incense holders that also double as an ashtray. Perfect for cannabis smokers or simply as a pretty object in your space. You can buy this piece from Coming Soon.

Photo credit: My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase makes bongs that double as a flower vase. You can safely leave your bongs out and no one will know it’s not a vase. They’re beautifully designed and can sell out fast. Buy their classic vase Aurora from My Bud Vase.

Photo credit: Houseplant

Seth Rogan has started designing pottery and this cute set is an ashtray and flower vase. We in Canada miss the Houseplant line of cannabis products however the Houseplant brand creates some beautiful accessories I recommend you check out. You’ll have to go on a waiting list for Seth’s pottery as they sell out fast.

3.Wall art

Prints and wall sculptures are a great way to express your personality and give your space something inspiring to look at. There’s some great cannabis themed art prints you can buy for your space that are beautiful and a great addition for cannabis enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: GoldLeaf

Gold leaf not only makes great journals to keep track of your cannabis use, they also have numerous cannabis themed prints you can buy. You can buy terpene and cannabinoid charts and botanical pieces. I really love this print which is a collaboration with Broccoli magazine. You can purchase this print and others from Goldleaf.

Photo Credit: Siriuswallart

Nerd out with this metal CBD molecule wall art. This will definitely be a conversation starter and a fun, whimsical way to add some personality to your space. You can buy this from Siriuswallart on Etsy

Photo credit: Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sunfarms has beautiful packaging and they offer some beautiful cannabis inspired prints you can buy. This one is by Laura Garcia Serventi who illustrated this print to capture the origins or their signature strain Afghan Kush. You can buy this print from Pure Sunfarms.

4.Coffee table books

Coffee table books and magazines not only look good in your space, they give your guests something to look at while you’re making dinner. There’s great magazines and books about cannabis that are gorgeous and fun.

Photo credit: aint-bad.com

This stunning book is by Photographer Maureen R Drennan. Meet Me in the Green Glen is an intimate look at a reclusive cannabis grower in California. You can buy this book from aint-bad.

Photo Credit – Brocolli.com

Broccoli magazine has fun, whimsical issues that not only are small works of art, the magazine is packed with good information. You can buy individual issues of Broccoli Magazine from their website.

Photo Credit: Cannabox

Brocolli magazine also created this stunning coffee table book, celebrating our favourite plant. It has pages of beautiful cannabis bouquets and articles that you’ll be proud to leave out. You can buy A Weed is a Flower here.


Adding a beautiful scent to your space is inviting and something I love to do to elevate my space, especially after a sesh. These products will help keep your room smelling divine.

Photo Credit: Vancouver Candle company

I have this candle by Vancouver Candle Company in my bathroom and I love it. The candle doesn’t create smoke or leave a black mess, it smells lovely with natural scents of cedar, cannabis and sandlewood. It’s a gorgeous candle, you can buy the Altum Candle from Vancouver Candle Company.

Photo credit: Boy Smells

Another cannabis inspired candle set is by Boy Smells. Their Kush collection features scents infused with cannabis. You can buy the Best Buds Votive set from Boy Smells.

Photo Credit: Cannabolish

I was gifted a few bottles of Cannabolish and their candle and I absolutely LOVE this product! It gets rid of the smell of cannabis after I vape and it has a wonderful smell. It will freshen up your room with a hint of spearmint, I highly recommend this product, you can buy Cannabolish from their website.

Get creative

There’s so much you can do with your space and plenty of cannabis accessories that are designed to be beautiful and fit into your décor. It just takes a little shopping around to find the perfect piece.

Whether it’s with a pretty ashtray, an unusual bong, literature, throw pillows or art- you can make your home a welcoming cannabis friendly space.

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