Here you'll find reviews for any cannabis product that can be ingested, from oils and sprays to chocolates.

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Before you try edibles it's best to familiarize yourself with dose and how edibles work

Weed Mama has provided an edibles guide if you're new to cannabis to help you get started.

Some edibles are fast-acting, this means they'll have an onset of around 15 min. and a duration of about an hour. Fast-acting edibles will usually be called "xpress" "quick" or "rapid" on the packaging however not all fast-acting edibles are labelled on the packaging. Fast-acting edibles will be labelled in the review menu. All beverages are fast-acting.

It's difficult to tell you what product will be best for anxiety, sleep or activities as every person will have a different reaction. Something that makes me feel drowsy may make you feel energized.
For that reason I generally don't mention effect in reviews, rather how the product tastes and if it's worth buying for the price. If you don't have a good experience with a product, try a different brand.

Edibles have a maximum dose per package of 10mg. If you're only using edible occasionally this will be a good dose for most people. If you need a stronger dose buy capsules or oils as these products have much higher dosing options.

When buying oils be careful about the dose. They can be confusing and it can be easy to take too much. Check the mg of THC per ml as this will let you know how much to take.

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