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Vape pens 101: learn how to properly dose and shop for vape pens

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Vape pens are another way to enjoy inhaling cannabis without the harmful toxins you can get in smoking and without the smell and mess of dry herb vaporizing.

Vape pens are made with an oil that’s a concentrate of cannabis. Concentrates are essentially extracts with highly concentrated THC and CBD that comes in many forms.  You may have heard of concentrates being referred to as wax, budder, shatter, rosin and oil. There’s many different extraction methods, the most common being butane and CO2.

Vape pens are easy to use, have no cannabis smell and are extremely portable however they do have a slightly different feel than using ground herb.

Vape pens, the future of cannabis

Very soon I expect to see chic Kitsilano women pulling their sleek vape pens out of their handbags for brunch. Vape pens come in various strengths and even in CBD only. CBD pens are perfect for those tough days with the kids or at work, when you want to feel relaxed but not feel intoxicated.

Vape pens are also a great way to microdose and they don’t have much of an odor. They also don’t require heating up, you simply pull it out of your bag, take a hit and that’s it, easy and convenient.

Vape pens dosing

Vape pens are strong so be careful when you buy a vape pen. Look for a low dose THC and high dose CBD vape pen to start. I recommend under 30% THC and at least 30% CBD. Definitely buy vape pens with CBD in it. Looking at mg you want to stay at 300mg of THC or less for the pen.

Dosist vape pens are low dose and good for beginners and they now come with rechargeable batteries

Even one draw off of a vape pen can can be way too strong for some people, if the pen has a high concentration of THC. Be mindful about dose when buying vape pens.

What types of vape pens to buy

With vape pens you can buy either a disposable pen, or you buy a battery that’s rechargeable and then you buy the cartridge separately to attach to the battery. Many of the cartridges you buy are a universal 510 cartridge which will attach to many different batteries. However some are proprietary, for example Pax cartridges can only be used with a Pax battery, so make sure you’re buying the right cartridge for your battery.

Shatterizer will accommodate concentrates including 510 vape cartridges

Avoid disposable vape pens

Besides being bad for the environment, they’re a waste of money. The batteries often die before you get a chance to finish the oil, you need a strong battery to get a good draw. Disposable vape pens are often made with small, weak batteries that don’t last. Rechargeable batteries are the way to go, all you have to do is replace the cartridge when you’re finished.

Vape catridges come in a variety of strains, some are full spectrum and maintain the original plant properties including terpenes. Others strip away the plant materials so you’re left with just the desired cannabinoids. It’s personal preference which type you choose to buy, try a few different types to see what you like.

Keep in mind some vape pens can be harsh and poor quality, a good one should be smooth and taste good.

When it comes to buying a battery, you can either buy a small pen that doesn’t require you to do anything except screw on the cartridge and then you can draw straight away. Others batteries you have to push a button (usually 5 times) to turn on the unit and some even have temperature control, often with low, medium or high settings.

If you have kids I recommend buying one with a button for safety, I also recommend buying one with temperature settings and stick to a low temperature to start.

How to use and store a vape pen

Vape pens need to be stored in the upright position at room temperature. Storing it upright prevents the oil from leaking out of the cartridge and clogging the pen.

When using a vape pen keep in mind that concentrates are strong and hit a bit different than flower, so take a gentle draw off of the pen, no too hard or too long as you can get too much. You don’t need to hold in the vapor, just inhale and exhale. Wait about 15 minutes to see how that makes you feel before trying another draw.

Once you get the hang of your vape pen you’ll know how many draws you can take for the desired effect however for the first time, just take one and wait 15 minutes before trying more.

Are vape pens safe?

A couple of years ago you may remember that people were being hospitalized and some where dying from vape pens. These vape pens were bought illegally and contained dangerous additives that can make you very sick when inhaled.

Only buy vape pens from the legal market as it’s regulated. Vape pens are safe and a great alternative to smoking and dry herb vaporizing when you need something to be portable and discreet.

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