Weed Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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If you’re looking for a good gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life but aren’t sure what to buy, this list will help you find that perfect gift.

I was hoping to be able to give you some cannabis infused products to put under the tree however there’s nothing yet available. Regardless, there’s plenty of fun accessories any Weed Mama (or papa) would be happy to get.

DIY edibles

Earlier this year I received a Kine Box filled with great products. One was this kit to make your own edibles. This kit comes with everything you need except the cannabis. You can find this at Kinebox.ca

Verde Vie

I was also lucky enough to get a gift bag from Verde Vie, a cannabis subscription service that allows you to choose between many different stylish cannabis accessories, such as this gorgeous acrylic rolling tray. Find this at verdevie.com


Fashionablyhigh.ca has something for everyone, from beautiful ceramic stash boxes to cannabis themed throw pillows, shopping bags, even yoga pants!

Visit fashionablyhigh.ca

Stoner Babes Colouring book

Colouring books are gaining popularity with adults as they allow us to relive what we loved to do as a child in a new way, this time we get to colour cannabis themed images. You can buy this from Amazon

Succesful Stoner stash jars

Keep your cannabis fresh with these fun stash jars. An 8oz mason jar with child proof lid, the jar is protected by a silicone sleeve. Buy from Leaff.com 

Enamel Pin from Milkweed

Enamel pins are making a comeback and there’s some cute ones for cannabis like this one called Northern Light and you can find it at Milkweed.

When you want to splurge

Ahlot Ritual Box for Arizer

Ahlot has several Ritual Boxes to choose from, this one is specifically designed for the Arizer Air (next on the list of gift ideas) You can buy them online here

Arizer Air Vaporizer

Arizer Air 2 is Weed Mama’s recommended vaporizer. It has removable batteries, precise temperature control, glass straws that improve taste, the original Air is lower in price as it has preset temperatures however it’s just as good. We’ve had our Arizer Air vaporizers for almost 5 years and they’re still working great. Buy online from Toronto Vaporizers

Utillian 721 Vaporizer

This award winning vaporizer has become my go-to vaporizer as it offers the smooth taste of a convection vaporizers but for under $200. Bonus the Utillian 721 lets you use wax as well, making it a versatile vaporizer at a price you can afford. You can also get this vaporizer from Toronto Vaporizers.

What is Weed Mama hoping Santa will bring? Levo Oil Infusion

What I’d love more than anything is a Levo, why? Since I started growing my own during the summer, I found myself with a ton of bud and leaves that could all be turned into tinctures and edibles. However I’m not willing to stink up the whole house to do it, this device allows you to basically push a button and go. If you want to spoil someone on your list, find a Levo here.

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