Storing cannabis at the right humidity and container will keep your flowers fresh for longer. 



Pictured is the Cvault storage container with a moistre pack added to the lid to create a relative humidity of 62%


Boveda moisture packs and other brands will help to keep the humidity at the right level so your cannabis doesn't dry out too fast.

Storage tips

  • Do

    Keep your strains in separate containers labelled

  • Do

    Store your cannabis in glass, ceramic or metal

  • Don't

    Store your cannabis in plastic bags or containers as the static charge can remove trichomes (where the cannabinoids live)

Storing cannabis flowers

To keep cannabis flowers fresh and preserve the THC levels store them in an air tight container, preferably in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight as UV rays degrade the cannabis. Mildew and mold thrive in a temperature of 25c (77f) to 30c (86f) avoid storing your cannabis near heaters, hot cupboards or hot appliances. 

A container that creates a relative humidity of between 59- 62%  is ideal for cannabis. This prevents mold and prevents the cannabis from drying out so it keeps its flavour, aroma and colour for longer. Look for containers with humidity control, using something such as a Boveda pack, will help keep your cannabis fresher for longer.


THC turns to the cannabinoid CBN when exposed to light and air, older cannabis tends to make you feel sleepy.
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Storage options to keep the kids out


Humidity boxes

Cannabis can be stored in special boxes that keep the cannabis at the proper humidity and they have the option to lock the box.


Travel case

There's several travel cases designed specifically for cannabis. Pictured is the Ecostash which has a lock and odor control.



Airtight containers that prevent odor and has a combination lock.

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