3 reasons why you should try cannabis for dry January

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It’s that time of year when, after the over indulgence of the holiday season, we all cut back on our normal vices, including alcohol. However why not try cannabis?

Why should you trade wine for weed?

  1. Cannabis has no lethal dose
    That’s right, you can’t overdose and die from cannabis. There’s never been a case of anyone overdosing on cannabis. That being said it’s not safe for everyone, contact your doctor if you have a heart condition or are on blood thinners before using cannabis.
  2. Cannabis doesn’t cause bloating, indigestion or hangovers
    In fact cannabis is anti-inflammatory, helps with stomach issues and it’s what used to help people who are suffering from a hangover.
  3. Cannabis has no calories
    Now you might be thinking, sure but what about the munchies? Yes, some strains can cause the munchies however if you use strains that are higher in CBD or take CBD that can help curb your cravings. If you vaporize cannabis, lower temperatures reduce cravings and for me, nothing gives me the munchies more than wine!
    Also watch as new products will come out with THCV a cannabinoid also knows as varin which helps curb appetite, it’s the diet cannabinoid!

There’s many more reasons, it’s relaxing, it enhances your senses and gets you feeling sensual (could be lot’s of sex January ) just take a look through the Weed Mama website to learn all the ways that cannabis can help you.

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