Redecan Gems 5:0 by Redecan

THC: 5mg per capsule x 15 capsules
 Ethanol-extracted oil from a blend of hybrid strains
Carrier oil: MCT oil

I absolutely love the Gems by Redecan, while they're not as fun as other edibles, popping a capsule that works out to less than $2 each is my kind of edible. I take one in the evening and it'll give me a nice buzz for a few hours. Most edibles are about $4 each so you get way more for your money buying capsules. When you buy edibles there's a limit of 10mg of THC per package however those laws don't apply to tinctures and pills. You can buy stronger doses and get more THC for your money when you buy it this way. Personally (and this can be different for everyone) I don't find it works for pain relief however it makes me feel drowsy so I use it in the evening.

If you're someone who needs to take edibles daily, like if you use it for sleep for example- or you simply want to get a better deal on cannabis oil, this is the way to go.

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