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“I don’t like the way it makes me feel” -how to use cannabis properly so it feels good

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The most common thing I hear from women resistant to trying cannabis again is “I just don’t like the way it makes me feel” and I get that, however things have changed in the past few years. There’s options for different types of strains and strengths however beyond that, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use cannabis. Use it the wrong way and you’ll feel bad. Why it made you feel bad …

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Cannabis is medicine: free the plant

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I’ve heard from many people, mostly mothers who’ve told me how cannabis quite literally saved their lives. They couldn’t function, their bodies failing them and no pharmaceutical could help them, however cannabis does help them. For them cannabis is medicine, for millions of people around the world, cannabis is medicine. We must free the plant and push for full legalization worldwide. If we can keep a dangerous substance like alcohol legal, even celebrate it, we …

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My chat with Kass & Honey for their youtube series: Regular Canadians enjoying weed

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Well I sure had a great time talking to Kass and Honey for their youtube channel, a series they call “Regular Canadians enjoying weed”. This is a fun series where they sit down with people, use some cannabis and have a conversation. In this episode we talk about velvet vagina! You I have a whole page about that on this site, right? 😉 Watch the episode here

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Time to give dry herb January a try: 3 reasons why you should trade your wine for weed this month

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It’s dry January, a month where you go without any alcohol to reduce your overall alcohol consumption. It’s a good idea but while you’re giving up your glass of wine for the month, why not try dry herb January instead? See cannabis doesn’t cause cancer, doesn’t have a lethal dose, it doesn’t harm you really. It can, if you abuse it, that’s true for all things. However used correctly, cannabis can give your body a …

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Got Reefer Madness? A look at the insane laws around cannabis in Canada

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Can you guess what that product is? Insecticide, pepper spray, maybe bear mace? Nope. It’s “Fleur De Lune Intimate Spray” I shit you not, that’s THC infused lube to use during sex. This is what the absurd laws around cannabis packaging has reduced us to- something that resembles a product you keep in the garage with highly toxic substances, like paint thinner. Except cannabis isn’t toxic. Imagine walking into a wine shop to buy some …

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Cannabis for depression

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This time of year is hard for many of us. With the short dark days I feel seasonal affective disorder or SAD. I have to fight it hard. I grew up in a bootstrap family, deal with it, suck it up. It’s believed to give you resilience, mostly it’s dismissive and it makes you feel as though you’re a burden. You don’t want to feel this way, it just seems impossible to feel any other …

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How Cannabis saved my sex life

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For me, sex is very important. The connection, the release, the intimacy all of it’s a big part of my well being. Unfortunately I also deal with generalized anxiety/panic disorder, a condition I’ve struggled with my whole life (bad genetics). Anxiety goes into my body and creates pain throughout my joints and muscles, including my vagina. I’ve often had issues with painful sex, which was made so much worse after my children were born. When …

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Curious dads & Weed Papa’s alike, you’re welcome here too!

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Dads use cannabis too, actually most of the parents I’ve talked to over the years it’s the dads that admit to using cannabis. The moms never did, either they didn’t use it or hid their use for fear of judgment. In general using cannabis, as a parent especially has a bias, some people view cannabis users as the typical lazy stoner, irresponsible layabouts. Nothing could be further from the truth. I could shout from the …

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How to start with edibles

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Let me tell you, I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with edibles.  Many moons ago a friend and I split a hash brownie and holy mother or pearl was I ever messed up, I was in hell while my friend hugged to toilet until it passed. I swore off edibles for years after that. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I was at an infused dinner, I asked for CBD only however the …

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An introduction to vape pens

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Concentrates aren’t legal until October of 2019 however they’re huge in the U.S and worth mentioning so those of you who are unfamiliar can learn about concentrates. Concentrates are essentially extracts with highly concentrated THC and CBD that comes in many forms.  You may have heard of concentrates being referred to as wax, budder, shatter, rosin and oil. The cannabinoids are extracted using solvents, the most common being butane and CO2. What I want to …