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By Kassandra Sison

Straight off the bat I’m going to confess, I suck at rolling joints. I mean they smoke…sort of. They’re almost always inconsistent, or they run. But I do enjoy smoking them, so what’s gal to do?

You could go the route of purchasing pre-rolled joints and skip this whole thing, and I sometimes do for convenience purposes, however that can be pricey and if you’re a regular consumer, you’re definitely going to want to learn how to roll your own. There are different products available on the market to make this easier on us all such as pre-roll cones, and I’m a big fan of some pretty designs for a party joint (I love committing to a theme). Or gold rolling papers for special occasions like birthdays or New Years Eve. But for every day, I want something quick and reliable that produces a J I’m proud to show off and hauls like a dream. Enter the rolling machine.

When I was 19 *cough cough, obviously not 19 but for legal sake, fiiiiine* I had purchased a rolling machine from our local Puff shop, because I don’t need no man and was not about to ask for someone’s boyfriend to roll my weed. Best. Decision. Ever. Turns out, 10 *cough cough* years later, I still can’t roll for shit. And the rolling machine is still around. But now she’s cuter.


With the use of a rolling machine, I can spin up 10 nice, uniform joints in a matter of minutes. If you have arthritis, or joint issues, I highly recommend purchasing one of these. Mine is the Ohai thumb roller. It’s cute, easy and at under $10, I’m down. 

How to use the roller

Open up the machine, pop in a crutch or filter tip and add your plant material. Close it up, spin it around with your thumbs. Pop in a rolling paper and keep spinning. Lick, seal, smoke.

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