Acai Retreat shot by Field Trip

THC: 2mg CBD: 20mg
Ingredients: Water, Blueberry juice, Pomegranate juice, Cranberry juice, Ginger root, Honey, Green tea, Acai berry powder, Cannabis emulsion **contains soy"

Acai Retreat is one of three cannabis shots available by Field Trip. This one has only 2mg of THC and 20mg of CBD which is a nice dose of CBD. I really like this shot, the taste is sweet but not too sweet and a little sour. I mostly tasted the cranberry and blueberry flavours. I read the ingredients and was worried it would taste terrible with green tea, ginger and the fruit but it's actually quite good.

Many of the beverages on the Canadian cannabis market are fast-acting and because it lists "cannabis emulsion" in the ingredients, I'm going to assume it's fast-acting (I really wish cannabis companies would make that clear). That means you'll feel the effects within 5 to 15 minutes and it will wear off after an hour or so. I did feel the effects after about 15 minutes.

This would make a perfect morning shot, pre-yoga, pre-meditation or with other activates where you don't want to feel high. With such a low dose of THC, you likely won't feel much however for me it was a nice calming feeling. I felt a little bit of tingling in the head so it may be good for migraines as well. With it being fast-acting the effects won't last the whole day, so I definitely recommend this drink for a morning boost.

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