How to use cannabis to feel proper

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Over on The Mom Buds we’ve started a series called “Feeling Proper: a series on cannabis & wellness”. What does that mean, to get proper? Awhile ago, after I hadn’t used cannabis for a few days I took a couple of draws from my vaporizer. I remember exactly how it felt, like someone unplugged me and plugged me back in again and suddenly everything was running smoothly. I mentioned to my husband how I felt and his response “that’s what we call feeling proper”.

Feeling proper is feeling like you’re supposed to feel, even, relaxed and sorted out. Feeling proper is that feeling you get after you use a bit of cannabis and feel at ease. Think of how you feel after a glass (or 2) of wine, you’re not drunk but you feel a little more relaxed, that’s what we’re aiming for when using cannabis for wellness.

With more and more people turning to cannabis during the pandemic, it’s important we learn how to use cannabis the right way, so we get the best experience from the plant.

How to get proper

There’s two ways to use cannabis and that’s to inhale it or eat it. Of course you can use it topically as well however when it’s about feeling proper, it’s about the ability of THC to lift your mood, reduce stress and tension and place you square in the now.

Smoke or vape

I recommend dry herb vaporizing at it allows you to customize your sesh. Play around with the temperatures to see what feels best and then inhale just enough to feel better. If you do too much you’ll feel too high and that’s ok but not the goal for that proper feeling. ( I can already hear some of you say “oh ya, I’m properly high” :D) however when you need to get things done and if you’re using cannabis therapeutically, you don’t want to get high, you just want to feel relaxed.


This is trickier as it can take up to two hours and it lasts for several hours after eating cannabis. While this can be a good thing if you take the perfect dose, taking the perfect dose is hard with edibles. This takes a bit of practice and time to get to know your dose. What makes it tricky is your ideal dose can change depending on how your feeling, the edible your taking and many other factors. Visit the edibles guide to learn about dosing.

CBD and THC work together in perfect harmony

I say this a lot and that’s because it’s true, THC is best with CBD. They compliment each other and CBD reduces some of the side effects of THC. It’s like CBD is scrubbling bubbles, cleaning up around the edges of THC making it feel even better. Look for high CBD and low THC strains or simply take CBD before consuming THC.

Visit The Mom Buds page to follow along with this series. Now playing is yoga and mindfulness, soon we’ll be adding more topics such as cannabis infusions and the most popular topic, cannabis and sex!

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