3 ways cannabis is beneficial to parents

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I can sing the praises of cannabis all day, every day and how it helps me as a parent but that’s because I’m a regular user and I know first hand how beneficial it is for my overall well-being. If you’ve never used cannabis before, here’s three ways cannabis can help you as a parent:

1. Being Present

This for me is what’s most beneficial, the way cannabis like magic brings you into the here and now. It strips away all the bullshit from the day, allowing you to focus on what’s at hand. It’s ability to bring you into the moment, into consciousness, something every guru preaches but seems like some distant place that you’ll get to one day, you hope.

Well cannabis brings you there instantly and you don’t have to get high for that to happen, even a light buzz can bring you right into the moment.

2. Relax and Destress

Cannabis strips away all of the stressful garbage that piles up in life, especially as a parent and brings you into the now and helps you feel deeply relaxed. When you finally exhale, refocus and breathe deeper, you can calm the rough seas making tough situations a little more manageable. This protects your mind, body and spirit from the damage those rough waters can cause.

3. Pick me up

We can feel overwhelmed as a parent when life throws every single obstacle at you, when you’re already overwhelmed and stressful shit piles on top of other stressful shit, it’s easy to feel depressed. It’s really hard to be bombarded daily without any real breaks and not get depressed.

Cannabis brightens the mood, gives you a sense of peace and lifts your spirits. You feel that sense of wonder come back which helps you as a parent be there for your kids, even when things are hard.

Cannabis isn’t for everyone, but for some of you it will be your saving grace. Visit Weed Mama’s pages on cannabis basics to learn how to start with cannabis

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