"Free" CBD oil by Solei

THC: 0.7 mg/ml CBD:10.5 mg/1ml (300 mg per bottle)
Made from a blend of cannabis flowers
Extraction method: CO2
Carrier oil: MCT oil

What I love about the Solei tinctures in general is the lack of taste. Many oils on the market have a very strong taste and that can be off-putting. Solei has provided a product with only a mild taste, so it goes down well. I really like Free because it’s inexpensive and can be easily added to your morning smoothie or simply placed on the tongue and swallowed.

This oil has 10mg of CBD per 1ml (a dropper is included), I take around two droppers as I like to have at least 20mg of CBD. Each dropper contains less than 1% of THC- not enough to feel it but it will add up if you’re taking several droppers full, so keep that in mind.

Solei Free is great for your daily dose of CBD

If you’re simply looking at CBD as a daily supplement and you don't need a high dose, Solei Free is a great oil to start with for both taste and budget. For around $25 a bottle it's definitely one of the more affordable CBD products on the market.

Did you try this product, what did you think?


  1. No I did not try this product, But I take a product called Miss Envy 3-1. Do you sell anything comparable to this.

    1. Author

      Weed Mama reviews products only, there’s nothing for sale. Miss Envy isn’t a licensed product. There’s plenty of brands on the market to choose from, you can browse the reviews here or visit a local cannabis shop and ask what they recommend.

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