What moms really want for Mother’s Day

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By Kassandra Sison

Ah Mother’s Day…the one day a year that we go out for….oh…wait…Mother’s day is going to look a little different for a lot of us this year. If you’re like us, the days have started to blend together a little bit lately and we’re not quite sure what day it is. Well, Mother’s Day is coming in hot and heavy regardless, so we’re here to help provide some inspiration and insight into what the lovely ladies in your life are truly wishing for. (In addition to flowers…yes, actual bud is a solid choice). 

The Mom Buds have put together a quick overview of some of our favourite things, and a few we’re dying to get our hands on. Grab some inspiration below!

Utillian Vaporizer

Utillian vaporizer 722 – Discreet sessions that deliver maximum terpenes… Hell.Yes. Slim and portable the Utillian vapes’ newest model is built for dry herb and wax concentrates. With convection heating, four temperature options, USB charging and a Boost mode, we can’t wait to get our hands on it. 

Veil Room Spray

This post sesh spray has a light scent of orange, cedar and pepper and has been perfectly formulated to mask the odour of cannabis. Great for when you’re coming back in from a quick puff. Comes in a purse size bottle, available at LEAFF.

Levo II

Levo II – Come to Mama. This one’s been on both of our wishlists for a while. With built-in decarboxylation and a mobile app, this is the queen of cannabis infusion. Available in a variety of punchy, modern colours. Yes, please.

OHAI rolling machine and grinder

My latest obsession, the OHAI thumb roller is great for when you’ve gotta roll quickly or just want the best 10/10 joint, every time. This grinder is beautiful and has excellent grip. Help the mamas in your life elevate with a little extra glam. Want bonus points? Get the joint holder ring too.

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