This mother’s day, give yourself a little THC

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Ever since the kids were born my husband and I have a tradition we follow, he gives me the day off for mother’s day and I give him the day off for father’s day. We do the same for birthdays.

It works for us because I’ve been a stay/work-at-home mom since they were born and my husband also works from home, so we both spend a lot of time with the kids. Therefore we feel the need for a break, to have one day where we can do whatever we want, and it’s fucking great.

Time to yourself means time to experiment

If you’re able to get some time to yourself on mothers day, it’s the perfect opportunity to try cannabis! I know some of you might be reluctant to try THC, perhaps because of the decades of fear-mongering surrounding cannabis or maybe you’re worried you’ll have a bad experience again, I completely understand and can relate!

Start low and go slow

If you check out the learn tab in the main menu, you’ll find several pages to guide you through dosing and how to properly take cannabis in it’s various forms. The most important thing you can do before trying cannabis is learn a little about the various methods of consumption and what dose you should start with, it varies depending on whether you ingest or inhale cannabis.

Recommended products for your first time

Vape pens– The easiest way to try cannabis for newbies is with a vape pen, it requires inhaling it which might be a hard no for some of you, especially with a pandemic that attacks the lungs! However with vape pens you only take 1 or 2 small hits, it’s vapor not smoke and you can get high CBD formulations that will give you a much milder experience. Also vape pens require no preparation, have no smell and are discreet.

The other reason why I recommend a vape pen is it’s shorter duration and quicker onset, about 15 min. to feel the full effect and it wears off anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour.

The downside: vape pens cost between $35 to $50 and have a 20% tax on top of it (in B.C) so they can be expensive. However if you do want to try one I recommend the Dosist pen (as seen in the pic above). I haven’t personally tried them however they’re designed for beginners and vibrate when you’ve inhaled a precise dose of THC.

Have a cuppa THC

I’ve tried a couple of the Haven St. teas and both were lovely cups of tea. This isn’t something I would recommend for daily use because at $7 a teabag (before taxes) that’ll add up quick! However as a treat and as a way to try edibles for the first time, I do recommend their tea.

There’s a few to choose from, anywhere from CBD only to high THC which is 10mg. I recommend their 2:1 and 1:1 teas called Reset and Focus. Focus has 10mg of CBD and it’s vanilla earl grey so if you don’t like that flavour, try Reset which is chamomile and berry. Make a pot of tea so you have about 2-3 cups worth as it can be strong tasting if it’s not steeped in enough water. If you sip on it slowly, keep in mind that edibles take up to 2 hours to fully take effect, so you may not feel the full effect for a few hours.

Treat yourself to a decadent chocolate

There’s several good chocolate options on the market for edibles, it just depends on your preference for milk or dark chocolate. They usually come in 4 x 2.5mg squares or 5 x 2mg squares (Canadian law only allows 10mg maximum per package). So far my favourite is Foray dark chocolate, you can read about it here, I also liked Tokyo Smoke Pause even though I’m not a big fan of the baker’s tasting dark chocolate, this one was nice. I’ve tried Chowie Wowie and it tasted a lot like a Hershey’s chocolate bar and was quite sweet. To start eat only 1 square, if you don’t notice much eat 2 next time. A good starter dose is between 2.5mg and 5mg.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little high

The word ‘high’ has been stigmatized to the point that it can have a strong feeling of resistance to it, but there’s nothing wrong with it. We now call it elevated or lifted as that’s a more accurate description for how it feels, it lifts you up or elevates your mood. So go ahead and enjoy a little THC.

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