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The Best Netflix Shows about Food to Watch When You’re High

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Food and cannabis are the perfect match- eating while high, cooking while high and even watching people cook while you’re high is a good time. Everything tastes so wonderful after that edible has kicked in, and if you’re anything like me, you like to watch cooking shows while high because it’s not only inspiring, I love food!

Here’s a few shows you can watch on Netflix that are centered around food:

Crazy Delicious

crazy delicious contestants

This one is a little bizarre which makes it even more fun to watch. Crazy Delicious is a British cooking where the contestants find ingredients from a fairytale-like forest to create a feast to impress the judges. They make interesting food that’s creative and a little different like barbeque watermelon that looks like a ham.

Unfortunately there’s only one season, I hope they decide to do more as this is one of the most unique cooking shows I’ve ever seen.

Great Canadian Baking Show

Dan Levy in the Great Canadian Baking show

This is the Canadian version of the Great British Baking Show. Contestants compete each week with a different theme, there’s bread week, cake week, pastry week etc. They must impress the judges to move on.

There’s no cash prize, simply a trophy they receive for winning the show. I love that this competition isn’t as cutthroat as other shows. They’re all passionate bakers, excited to be there and it shows in their comradery. We get to learn a bit about baking while watching them try to make elaborate baked goods (and sometimes fail) to beat the clock.

It’s a fun show that has you invested in the contestants and their stories. Bonus the first season has Dan Levy! There’s several seasons to watch on Netflix.

Chef’s Table

chefs table netflix

Chef’s table is a visually stunning show that will keep you engaged. Every episode tells the story of a successful chef and how they got their start. While there’s several great episodes to watch, there’s a few episodes that have stayed with me, as their stories from struggling to thriving is both inspiring and moving. The three episodes I love the most are:

Season 2 Episode 1 ∙ Grant Achatz– the owner of the famous Alinea restaurant in Chicago. This episode tells his story of almost dying from cancer at a young age, to opening his world renowned restaurant. Achatz story is compelling and touching as he struggled to make his dream come to life.

chefs table anand

Season 2 Episode 6 ∙ Gaggan Anand – His restaurants in Thailand have been voted 4th and 7th place in the world. His back story is the one that moved me the most. Your heart breaks as you listen to Anand talk about the numerous challenges he faced on his journey to opening his own restaurant.

Any time I face difficulties in achieving my own goals, I remember his story and how he had everything working against him but he still persevered. Absolutely beautiful, inspiring story you must watch!

chef kwan

Season 3 Episode 1 ∙ Jeong Kwan- stunning episode features a monk from Korea who cooks vegetarian meals for her temple. Her food preparation and cooking is centered around her spiritual practice and meditation. This is a gorgeous, uplifting episode that makes you think while Kwan talks about her life in the temple and her love for food.

Street Food Series

street food nextfix

Like the Chef’s Table, you’ll be inspired and moved by the back stories of the cooks they showcase in this series. Street Food looks at different street food vendors around the world, how they got their start and the road to their success. I’ve cried watching more than a few episodes as they talk about their harrowing journey from extreme poverty, or tragedy to a thriving business.

If you want to feel moved by real stories of passionate cooks and learn about food from different parts of the world, this is a must watch!

Snack Vs. Chef

snack versus chef

People really take their snacks seriously in this show about creating the next big thing in snacks. Have you ever wondered how they make Pringles or a Kit Kat bar? In this show contestants have to recreate a famous snack like Cheetos, and impress the judges. Then they have to invent their own snack to win the show.

It’s fun to watch and you get to learn a little bit about how your favourite snack food is made.

Is It Cake?

is it cake netflix

Is It Cake features master bakers competing to make cakes that look like real objects such as a record player or a stack of books, to fool the judges and win money.

Is it a real handbag or is it cake? You’ll sit there trying to figure out if it’s cake or not. You’ll also learn a few cake baking tricks along the way. Fun to watch when you want something light hearted.

Every time I watch this show I think about how great it would be to be a judge and sample that cake! I really hope to one day be a judge on Is It Cake and I’m putting it out into the universe, make is so!

Cooked with Cannabis

cooked with cannabis

Of course I have to include Cooked with Cannabis, a competition where they create infused meals to impress the judges. We get to learn a bit about pairing terpenes with different dishes and how different chefs approach infusing a dinner.

This show isn’t quite as watchable as the others on this list but we do get to be entertained by Ricki Lake as she gets super high eating all the infused food.

Shows about food are my favourite to watch when I’m high

Cooking shows are definitely up there as my favourite shows to watch once the edible settles in. I love to be inspired and taken on a journey, or simply just be entertained while I learn something new. These cooking shows you can find on Netflix do just that for me.

Do you have about food you love to watch while high? Drop it in the comments below.

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