3 ahhhmazing ways to relieve stress and anxiety with cannabis

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There are some things that go perfectly with cannabis. Like fine wine paired with the right food, pairing cannabis with the right relaxation activity will immerse you into the experience, allowing you to feel present and peaceful.

When you’re using cannabis for meditation, I recommend using a lower dose, especially when you’re new to cannabis. This allows you to feel the calming effects of cannabis without too much of the psychoactive effect. Meditation is about learning to control your thoughts and feelings, cannabis should enhance your meditation, not hinder it.

Look for cultivars that are high in CBD (5%+) and lower in THC (under 10%) or choose fast-acting edibles that mimic the effect of inhaling cannabis. Fast-acting edibles have a quicker onset and shorter duration, they also feel lighter than regular edibles.

Take CBD regardless of which method of cannabis you use. CBD helps to reduce the side effects of THC and is a great way to reduce anxiety. I recommend at least a 5:1 or 25mg of CBD to help calm your nervous system.

Here’s 3 relax you right to your core activities to beat stress and anxiety:

1. Take a sound bath

For the past several months I’ve had my headphones on most of the day listening to binaural beats, crystal bowls, singing bowls and om chanting to calm my system down. It works. I didn’t find out until recently there’s a name for this and that’s sound bathing and I’m here for it.

There’s something about the long, drawn out sounds of the crystal bowls that feels so good for the nervous system. I spend at least 20 minutes in the evening, after a bit of cannabis and listen to these hypnotic sounds and meditate, practicing mindfulness and stillness and feeling the stress leave my body. 

2. Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is a wonderful way to work on manifesting your goals and healing your body. After using a bit of cannabis, close your eyes, put on some relaxing music or sounds (something in the background that won’t distract you) and relax. Once you feel really calm, visualize yourself achieving whatever goal you have in mind, or visualize yourself healthy and feel it too. Step into your own power, feel strong, feel confident, feel like you’ve achieved this goal and sit in that amazing self-empowered feeling for as long as you need. This is how we build that inner strength to achieve our goals, heal ourselves and live our best life.

Your goals can be anything from getting your dream job to mastering your emotions. As someone who suffers from generalized anxiety and panic disorder, I often use visualization meditation to feel myself anxiety free. Over time I’m able to lengthen the amount of time I can maintain an anxiety-free feeling and this translates to less panic attacks in my day-to-day life.

3. Soak in an infused bath

Having a literal bath while enjoying a sound bath, on cannabis while soaking in cannabis, feels like heaven!

Light candles, play some crystal bowls music and while the bath is filling, drop in an infused bath bomb. With cannabis bath bombs and bath soaks, the higher the amount of THC and CBD, the better. At least 100mg of CBD and at least 50mg of THC is what you need to look for. Also, with infused bath products you want to soak in the bath water for at least half an hour to feel the relaxing effects of the cannabis.

If you’re taking an edible, wait at least one hour before having your bath as it will take at least that long for the edible to kick in. If you’re using a fast-acting edible, you’ll only need to wait 15 minutes for it to take effect.

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This is cannabis for wellness

Whenever I talk about using cannabis for wellness, this is what that means. Using cannabis in a mindful way to heal yourself and feel good. Cannabis is a great way to manage stress, pain, get a good night’s sleep and simply feel peaceful. As long as you’re using cannabis mindfully, meaning you’re careful about how much you consume, you can safely use cannabis to be well.

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