Microdosing for the SAHM blues

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First of all, I love being home with my children, I’ve enjoyed them when they’re small, I made this choice and I own it, I wouldn’t trade this time with them for the world…


Being home with children all day, every day can really get you down. Day after day of demanding small people who need constant stimulation and attention comes at the expense of your own desperate need for rest, downtime, adult conversation and simply just a moment to yourself. This can take a toll after awhile. It’s lonely and you can feel lost. Plus the stay at home parent has to put their career on the shelf for a few years. This can make you feel vulnerable and uncertain of your future.

Microdosing to the rescue

I’ve been home with my kids since my daughter was born in 2010. I’ve worked from home here and there but honestly being a WAHM is next to impossible if you don’t have dependable childcare. I normally don’t use cannabis in the day, as it tends to make me tired however every now and then I’ll microdose. Mocrodosing is taking in small amounts of cannabis so you feel relaxed without intoxication. Low THC with high CBD helps to calm my nerves and lift my mood without it going to my head. It helps me get into the spirit of things with my child, helps me see things through their eyes of wonder and curiosity.

How to microdose

Dose is everything when it comes to cannabis, microdosing means any dose under 5mg. I recommend using 2.5mg if you’re using edibles. I also don’t recommend using a standard edible and opting for fast-acting edibles instead. These edibles have an onset and duration similar to smoking or vaping, around 15 minutes to kick in and usually last around an hour. 

The other option is dry herb vaporizing or using a vape pen. With dry herb vaporizing, choose a cultivar that’s 5% THC and at least 5% CBD and vaporize at a lower temperature. Wait 15 minutes after your first draw to see how it makes you feel, take more as needed.

What to consider when microdosing cannabis

If you’re not feeling well, if you haven’t slept much or your estrogen levels are higher (like near ovulation) you may want to avoid using any cannabis. For some of you it might perk you up and feel better however if you’re not used to cannabis, it might be stronger than you expect. This is why vaporizing or using fast-acting edibles is better as it’s lighter and won’t last very long. That way if you’re feeling too sensitive to THC, it will wear off fast and it won’t impair you.

Microdosing cannabis should enhance not impair 

I don’t need cannabis to parent, or to escape, however on tough days when I’m very stressed out, I’ll microdose so that I’m calmer and more present with my children. Think of it like having a glass of wine, most parents won’t think twice about having a small glass of wine or a beer when they’re with their children. You can use cannabis in a similar way, you just have to play around with what dose and method is best for you.

Cannabis doesn’t have to get you high, visit our page on Cannabis & Parenting to learn more.

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