Elevate your Valentine’s day with cannabis & psilocybin

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Why not try something new and exciting this Valentine’s day? With so many fun options, it’s time to explore.

Valentine’s day is not a holiday I normally pay attention to, I buy the kids some chocolates and call it a day. My husband and I don’t do anything special as neither of us care about Valentine’s day. However it can be a great excuse to shake things up a bit and try something new with your partner.

Article round-up you can read on how to elevate your Valentines day

I’ve included both my articles and articles I’ve found that I think are great primers to get you started using cannabis or psilocybin for a deeper, enhanced sexual experience.

Cannabis and sex

There’s so many reasons why women need to at least try cannabis for sex I could write several articles about it- oh wait, I have! Below are some articles I’ve gathered to help you get started using cannabis for sex this Valentine’s day.

How to have mind blowing orgasms (with the help of cannabis) – In this article I go over all of the ways my husband and I have kept sex interesting after 25 years. From sex toys to the various cannabis products you can use, this article has you covered.

Sex Pot by Latitude is a Canadian cannabis lube I recommend

Everything you need to know about cannabis lube (like will it get your vagina high?) – are you curious about cannabis lube and how it might enhance intimacy? In this article I explain how to use cannabis lube and I talk about my own experience using Sex Pot by Latitude.

I tried cannabis lube for sex and now its my vagina’s cure-all moisturizer – Don’t just take my word for it, this article is a great one to read for anyone curious about cannabis lube. If you’re an American reader of my blog, this articles has products available in your country.

Edibles and sex is where it’s at, ladies! in this article I talk about my experience finally trying edibles for sex and how it helped my internal pain. I also talk about dosing and how to use edibles for sex.

Sex on magic mushrooms

Mushrooms are going through a renaissance right now as more and more people are looking to cultivate a deeper connection to themselves, and the world around them. Here’s a round up of articles you can read about using psilocybin for a truly transcendent sexual experience.

My husband and I had sex on magic mushrooms and it was a game changer this is the most popular article on my blog and it has been sitting in the top spot since it was written. In this article I talk about my experience using psilocybin for sex.

Q & A with plant medicine expert Sarah Lovegrove on how to use psilocybin – before you skip down psychedelic lane, read this primer on how to use psilocybin. Just like with cannabis, understanding dose and how to use it properly is the key to having a great first experience.

Sex on magic mushrooms: is it safe? -Dr. Michelle Ross talks about using psilocybin for sex from a medical perspective. This is a good read for anyone new to psilocybin as she helps us understand how this fungi can create a wonderful and safe sexual experience.

The High Guide podcast– The high guide is a podcast by April Pride, the founder of Vanderpop. This podcast talks about using cannabis and psilocybin for women, and navigating life with the help of these plants.

The best advice I can give you on starting with cannabis or psilocybin for sex

I provided several resources that will educate you on dosing and proper use of these substances, so you feel confident trying them.

It can be intimidating and for some, a bit scary trying something like this for the first time. We’ve been brainwashed for many years to believe that cannabis and psychedelics are dangerous. They aren’t, in fact both cannabis and psilocybin don’t have a lethal dose (the amount you would have to take of either is more than anyone can consume). Both are much safer to use than alcohol for that fact alone.

However using too much can make you feel pretty bad, knowing how much to start with is the key to having a good experience. With both cannabis and psychedelics start low and go slow.

When used correctly, you can have deeper orgasms and a deeper connection with your partner through the help of cannabis and psilocybin. Try to relax, know you’re safe, keep an open mind and explore nature’s gift to women for better sex.

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