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Introducing The Mom Buds, 2 moms chat about mom life over a bowl

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I’ve started a new venture, this time with my mom bud Kass. She was from my original mom group from many years ago, yet I didn’t know she use cannabis until last year! We have come together to chat about mom life over a bowl (or 2) of weed, we want to normalize cannabis, especially for moms. As a mom you should be just as normal to say “mommy needs some weed” just like we …

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Edibles and sex is where it’s at, ladies!

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I have to admit, I haven’t used edibles during sex until recently, I’ve always vaped cannabis. I don’t know why I haven’t before, I think because I was worried it would make me feel sleepy. Well, it didn’t make me feel sleepy, in fact it made sex amazing and pain free! I used to get pain during sex around the perineum, vaping cannabis got rid of that. Then the pain became more internal, especially certain …

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3 reasons why you should try cannabis for dry January

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It’s that time of year when, after the over indulgence of the holiday season, we all cut back on our normal vices, including alcohol. However why not try cannabis? Why should you trade wine for weed? Cannabis has no lethal doseThat’s right, you can’t overdose and die from cannabis. There’s never been a case of anyone overdosing on cannabis. That being said it’s not safe for everyone, contact your doctor if you have a heart …

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Weed Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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If you’re looking for a good gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life but aren’t sure what to buy, this list will help you find that perfect gift. I was hoping to be able to give you some cannabis infused products to put under the tree however there’s nothing yet available. Regardless, there’s plenty of fun accessories any Weed Mama (or papa) would be happy to get. DIY edibles Earlier this year I received …

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Are you skeptical when you hear cannabis is medicine? So was I but I’m not anymore and here’s why…

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Cannabis is medicine for so many people, including me. However I never used to think that way, even though I’ve used cannabis since I was a teenager, it never occurred to me to use it medicinally, I just smoked weed and got high. It was until after I had my children that I started to use cannabis with intention. Panic attacks from hell Since I was a child I’ve suffered from generalized anxiety and panic …

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Great White Shark a Cannabis cultivar for Housework

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Ah yes, laundry mountain, that thing that happens when you try to fit other things into your life, like working or anything really. Housework is something I despise, more than that I resent it for taking up my valuable time. Alas, I can’t hire a housekeeper so it’s on me to do what we all have to do unless we want to embrace Oscar the Grouch’s lifestyle choice and live inside a garbage can. So …

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Legalization 2.0- here’s what you need to know about the cannabis products soon to hit store shelves

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We’re finally here, when all of the fun cannabis products are legal to buy as of October 17th, 2019. However don’t run to your local cannabis store for that THC chocolate bar just yet, we won’t be seeing any of these products on store shelves until mid December. So what’s going to be allowed under Canadian law? Well… Edibles (including beverages): Maximum 10mg of THC per package No added vitamins and minerals No nicotine or …

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Art is therapy and cannabis can help

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Spotify sent me a song suggestion called “The right to destroy myself” a haunting piece of music. It made me think about that feeling, when we need to fall apart. Those difficult times in our life when we have a crisis of self, a nervous breakdown but that’s exactly what we need. It’s how we evolve. Like the tower card in tarot, we tear down our walls and get back to the foundation to build …

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Is vaping cannabis safe? The recent vaping illnesses explained

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*Updated September 6, 2019 Recently over 200 people have fallen sick and in some cases died (currently only in the United States and not Canada) from using either e-cigarettes or vape pens, however the media simply refers to is as vaping. First, it’s important to recognize the difference in the vaping products they are referring to- the problems are arising from unregulated vape pens and not from vaporizing cannabis flowers. Your dry herb vaporizer is …