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Ritual Combining Cannabis & Yoga for Better Sex (With Product Recommendations)

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By Danielle Simone Brand

When you’re a mom, getting in the mood isn’t always as easy as putting the kids to bed and slipping on some lacy lingerie. I don’t know about you, but picking cheese cubes and grapes off the floor all day when my kids were small really put a damper on my sensuality as well as my time and resources for my own self-care—which we all know is essential to sexual health and satisfaction. It took years—and my decision to bring cannabis into the bedroom—for me to shift that energy and reaffirm myself as a sensual being.

Here’s a pre-sex ritual combining cannabis and yoga that I recommend for any woman seeking to cultivate presence in her body and conscious relaxation to prepare for a sensual encounter—whether partnered or solo.

If at all possible, give yourself the gift of alone time to get into your sexy-cannabis-yoga-inspired groove. (Yes, that means asking your partner to keep the kids out of the bedroom and bathroom if necessary!)

Product Review: Kikoko Sensuali-Tea – Hibiscus Cardamom Rose (Available in the United States)

kikoko sensual tea

Kikoko is a women-owned cannabis brand in California making CBD-and-THC-infused teas, honeys, mints, and more that are all geared toward the wellness-oriented female consumer. You’ll recognize them by their colorful and environmentally friendly packaging (almost 100% free of single-use plastics and designed by female artists).

Each bag of Sensuali-Tea has 7 mg of THC, a blend of botanicals supporting circulation and relaxation, and zero caffeine. Rose petals lend flavor as well as their aphrodisiac and anti-anxiety properties; with a teaspoon of honey, I find this tea delicious and relaxing, while at the same time stimulating in all the right ways. Note: 7 mg of THC might be a little much if you’re new to cannabis. Kikoko products are currently available in California.

If you’re giving Sensuali-Tea a whirl (and don’t have responsibilities later in the evening), brew yourself a cup and head to your private space.

If you prefer inhalation, this would also be a good time to grind your flower and set up your vaporizer, pipe, or bong. You could take a few puffs now, or—because inhaling takes effect right away—you can also wait a bit.

Weed Mama Canadian Recommendation: Try a tea by Solei, found in your local cannabis store

Product Review: Harlequin Flower Cultivar

THC is known to enhance the senses and sensuality; that’s why a little cannabis can make a beautiful sunset exquisite and a delicious meal feel like manna from heaven. It’s also an incredible enhancement to sexual pleasure. But for some people, THC—especially in higher doses—can provoke anxiety. With its high-CBD and low-THC content, Harlequin is a go-to strain for anyone seeking that extra tingle from THC without the paranoia, anxiety, or too-much-in-your-head feeling that sometimes comes along with it.

Previously hard to find, Harlequin is popping up in dispensaries in response to increasing demand for a cultivar that doesn’t knock you out with the THC content (averaging around 9% CBD and only 5% THC). Take a few puffs and you’ll feel it—especially if you’re new to cannabis. But chances are, you won’t be too spacey with Harlequin to enjoy your highly embodied experience.

*Note: I recommend choosing the edible or the inhalable method of consuming cannabis; only combine the two if you are experienced and aware of your own THC limits.

Music has inspired movement and sensuality for millennia, so start this exploration with a sexy playlist.

Spotify Playlist Curated for You

While sipping your tea or puffing on your vaporizer, do any self-care you need to do in order to feel comfortable and ready. Now’s a good time to apply your cannabis lube, if that’s in the cards. Review below.

Product Review: oh. hi. lube from Lavinia
(Available in the United States)

oh hi lube lavinia

Yes, we women have endocannabinoid receptors throughout our reproductive tracts, and yes, THC-infused lubes do enhance sexy sensations for a lot of us. Though research has yet to fully catch up, it does make sense that cannabis—a known enhancer of touch and other senses—could work directly when applied to a highly vascular and sensitive part of the body, aka your vulva and vagina. And because THC is a vasodilator, it promotes blood flow to the genitals, which in turn aids arousal.

The bottle recommends 1-4 pumps of the liquid, though I usually subscribe to the “more is better” philosophy when it comes to lube. Apply generously to your inner and outer genitalia. THC-infused lubes may help promote more intense and more frequent orgasms, or bring those elusive “g spot” orgasms within reach. Try it for yourself and see.

For most, cannabis lube takes effect after about 15-30 minutes—making this a divinely-timed accompaniment for this pre-intimacy yoga sequence. Because this lube will not give you a “head high,” just a possible “vagina high,” go ahead and layer this in with your infused tea or inhaled cannabis. oh. hi is safe for use with latex condoms and is available in California.

Other quality cannabis lubes include: Quim (shippable CBD products as well as THC versions available in California) and Foria (shippable CBD-focused intimacy products).

Weed Mama Canadian Recommendation: You can get Foria in Canada but it’s not infused, still a great product. For infused try Proofly, available at your local cannabis store.

Yoga Sequence for Better Sex

I recommend doing this entire sequence on a bed or futon instead of the floor. After all, if getting into a sexy mood is the point, beds are way more forgiving (and suggestive) than dusty floors. Wear something comfy, something comfy and sexy, or choose to go nude. It’s entirely up to you and what feels good in the moment.

Watch this video for the entire yoga routine

Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Bound Angle Yoga Pose

Sit tall on the bed and bring the soles of your feet together in front of you with your knees splayed wide. Inhale and grow your spine as tall as you can. Exhale and fold forward over your feet and legs, leading with your sternum. Come as far into the pose as you can with a flat back, then soften and allow your spine to round enough to relax into a 5-breath hold. As you do so, relax the areas in and around your thighs, hips, pelvis, and belly. Inhale to come up and release the pose.

Reclining Pigeon (Supta Kapotasana)

Reclining pigeon yoga pose

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the bed. Cross your right ankle over your left thigh and gently push your right knee away from your torso until you’ve formed a triangular shape between your two legs. Next, flex your right foot to protect the knee, and lift your left foot off the floor; gradually draw both legs closer to you while clasping both hands around your left thigh and pulling inward until you feel a stretch in the right hip. Hold for 3 long, slow breaths, then release and switch sides.

Windshield Wiper

windshield wiper yoga pose

From the reclined position with feet flat on the floor and knees bent, scoot the feet a little further than hip-width apart and begin to swish them side to side, like windshield wipers (thus the fancy, Sanskrit name 😉). Make the movement as big as you’d like; you can even stretch your arms up overhead for a beautiful awakening to your waist and side body in the process. Do this several times on each side while breathing deeply into your belly and staying relaxed through your pelvic muscles.

Seated Spinal Undulations

seated spinal undulations

Come to a cross-legged seat on the bed and begin to undulate your upper body in a circular motion; start small and work up to loose, large, and flowy circles. It helps to hold onto your knees: right hand on right knee and left hand on left knee will anchor you as you undulate. Let your body respond to the music here—there’s no right or wrong way to do this. Cannabis can help you attune to the sensations in your body, the depth of your breath, and the present moment.

Spinal Undulations from Table Pose

Spinal undulations from table pose yoga

Bring yourself to your hands and knees, known in North American yoga as “table pose.” Channeling the energy from the previous movement, allow your spine—including everything from your tailbone all the way up through to the crown of your head—to move, rotate, undulate, writhe, or similarly groove. (Keep that sexy music coming.)

I encourage you to take at least a full minute of this exercise—and maybe a lot more. Breathe deeply into your belly and all the way down into your pelvis as you move. There’s no “perfect,” here, no prescribed way of moving or being. You are uniquely you. Unleash your inner goddess/tigress/seductress/or just really chill chick and see where the night takes you.

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