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11 Moms in the cannabis industry you need to know about

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This mother’s day I’ve chosen to feature 11 moms in the cannabis industry who work with the plant to advocate and educate about the benefits of cannabis.

This is by no means a comprehensive list! There are so many great moms in the cannabis space, these are but a few. If you want to add your own name to the list, please do in the comments and I will give them a shout out on my Instagram stories.

I’ve chosen moms that I’ve worked with, follow and found through other moms in the cannabis space. They stand out to me for their tireless dedication to cannabis and advocating for other moms.

With cannabis now legal, many moms are looking at cannabis as an alternative to their nightly glass of wine to unwind. However there’s still so much stigma that can make moms shy away from trying cannabis. Hopefully seeing these amazing, hard working moms in the cannabis space will remove some of that stigma.

Here are 11 moms working in the cannabis industry that you need to know about (in no particular order)

1- Necole Hines

Necole Hines resides in Vancouver B.C, she’s a single mom of 3 (now grown) boys and she’s a busy one at that! She teaches you how to cook with cannabis through her website Faded Living she also has a podcast called Faded Living and Friends available on Podbean

Necole offers workshops and events for cooking with cannabis, she’s also a travelling chef! Follow her on Instagram and be inspired to cook with cannabis.

2- Danielle Simone Brand

Danielle is the author of the book Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out you can buy her book on Amazon.

Her book is a great companion for moms who want to learn how to use cannabis for wellness but don’t know where to get started. It’s packed with great information. You can watch my interview with Danielle here as we discuss the book. Also follow her on Instagram where she advocates for moms using cannabis.

3- Bianca Snyder

Bianca is known as High Society Mama on Instagram and she’s one busy mom! She has a hemp farm she runs with her husband called Society’s Plant, I’ve been able to try her smokable hemp and Delta 8 gummies, both were superb, you can tell they love what they do!

In addition to her hemp farm she’s an enthusiastic cheerleader for moms using cannabis. She has weekly Clubhouse chats you can join in to learn about the plant, each week featuring a different topic.

She’s also a yoga and fitness instructor with her business Burn Fit Tribe, this mom is fierce and one to follow! You can follow her on instagram here and be inspired.

4- Andrea Meharg

Andrea is a certified cannabis coach and founder of Reveal Cannabis where she coaches clients to help them start with cannabis. She has numerous articles and videos to help you learn about cannabis.

You can watch my interview with Andrea on Instagram as we discuss the most common questions we get about using cannabis as a mom, including cannabis and pregnancy.

She’s a wealth of knowledge, follow her on Instagram and watch her videos on YouTube for helpful guides on cooking with cannabis and making your own topicals.

5- Shonitria Anthony

AKA Blunt Blowin Mama, Shonitria is another fierce advocate for moms using cannabis. She runs a website that features many different faces in the cannabis community. She also has merch she sells through her website, like the t-shirt she’s wearing in the photo above. She also has a podcast and runs workshops for moms and cannabis.

Follow her on Instagram to be entertained and find support as a mom who uses cannabis.

6- Amanda Rogers

Amanda Rogers is the face behind Mom’s Tea and Cannabis. She runs cannabis friendly retreats for moms in a private dome house on 3 acres of land that sounds like so much fun! She’s an enthusiastic educator about the plant. You can follow her on Instagram where you can find info about her retreats.

7- Sabrina Rebolledo

Sabrina Reolledo AKA Who let me be a mom on Instagram, is a California Bay area based cannamom who works hard to end the stigma around moms using cannabis. She’s a published writer in the cannabis space and she organizes cannabis friendly mom gatherings. Her next gathering is an infused brunch! You can follow her on Instagram.

8- Emma Andrews

Emma Andrews is a Vancouver based mom of two, she’s very open about her journey to get pregnant through IVF. She’s a cannabis educator, holistic nutritionist and movement practitioner. She does workshops on cannabis and her website has great information on how to use cannabis. You can also follow her on Instagram.

9- Bradie Sparrow

Bradie Sparrow is a Canadian mom who is a cannabis educator and cannabis influencer. She was a cannabis coach through her biz Cloud 9, now she works as a sales rep for top Canadian cannabis brands. With her instagram account @dopest.mama.ever you get a peak behind the scenes of the cannabis industry and education around the plant.

10- Jessica Gonzalez

Jessica Gonzalez aka The Mommy Jane is a fierce activist for moms using cannabis. She reviews cannabis products and educates her audience on how to use cannabis as a mom. She’s very open about her struggles with mental health and how she gave up alcohol for cannabis which led her on a path of wellness. You can visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

11.- Anita Glibota

Anita Glibota AKA That’s What Weed Said, is a mom of 5 and a cannabis influencer and cannabis writer. She’s open about how cannabis helped her recover from a traumatic brain injury, and how she uses cannabis to help her overall mental health.

She also grows cannabis at her Ontario home and posts about her growing journey on Instagram. You can visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

Moms can use cannabis and not feel guilty

I started Weed Mama as a way to reduce the stigma for moms and to educate people on the plant so you can make an informed choice and have a good first experience. I do sometimes face backlash and I’ve had my social media accounts disabled but it doesn’t stop me. I will always advocate for moms who want to use cannabis, as it’s a wonderful thing to add to your self care routine.

There’s many more moms working in cannabis to reduce the stigma, if you know of someone you want to highlight, please leave their name in the comments below!

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