Introducing Houseplant a new strain by Seth Rogen

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Actual packaging of Houseplant sativa strain

*Houseplant is not longer available in Canada

There’s plenty of celebrities jumping into the Canadian cannabis market, many of them through the LP Canopy Growth Corp.  such as Snoop Dog with his line Leafs by Snoop, also Martha Stewart. Now the LP has teamed up with Seth Rogen, our lovable Canadian born stoner with his line of cannabis called Houseplant.

What can I say, I absolutely adore Houseplant for their retro packaging and marketing with a clever modern twist. Their tagline is something I 100% believe in and live by with Weed Mama “We have a sincere love for cannabis, and think it should be treated with the reverence it deserves.” However, is the strain good, will it be the same substandard flowers we currently have on the legal market? I’ve yet to buy it, so I can’t tell you, but if you have please leave a comment with your thoughts.

The Houseplant line currently has a sativa, indica and hybrid strain however (as of writing this) only the sativa is available. The sativa strain is described on the B.C Cannabis online store as a high-THC strain (Chemdawg) from OG Kush and Sour Diesel lineage. They will also be adding prerolls and soft gels to their product line in the future.

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  1. I have tried the SatIva Houseplant. I purchased at the local Dispensary and I have to say….while the flower was good..the excess packaging is a downer. However that is not just with Mr. Rogeno..I find. The flower had quite a bit more stalk than I fairly big twigs but the smoke was quality, smooth and it did the trick. :))

    1. Author

      Not great about the stalk but nice to hear it was smooth. I will have to check it out, thank you!

      1. Just purchased some houseplant indica.
        Looks beautiful but flavor sucks. Taste moldy. Great high

  2. Who the hell designed your packaging my god wasteful more so with environment concerns and issue

    1. I agree about the packaging and the container is so thick and heavy. The bud tho was perfectly dried and high thc. 22%.

  3. Packaging, terrible, for multiple reasons. Bud itself, fantastic, for multiple reasons;)

  4. The packaging was just bad timing. He explained it as a retro VHS box set, so I get it, but it should have been done later when they had a proper following. I’ve tried the Sativa and the Hybrid. The sativa is a nice, dank bud. Smaller in size but no popcorn kernels and hit pretty hard after a smooth smoke. The Hybrid, I found out, is a Blue Cheese strain. It was only listed at 14% but it was another heavy hitter. Both strains are great and I look forward to trying the Indica. As for the packaging, I found out that once this stock is gone, they will revert to something smaller and regular to cut waste.

  5. I heard today at an OCS that the packaging issue was being addressed by the company and they are currently redoing it. As for the strain itself, I use the Indica version of Houseplant and I love it; it’s by far my favorite go-to bud. How much do I love it? To me the aroma is reminiscent of standing in a beautiful meadow, reveling in the scent of distant wild roses and fresh cut hay wafting in on a delicate yet peaty and dense smoke from the village in the valley. Yeah, it’s that good. Speaking of smoke, I find this strain a lot smoother than many other Indicas, hardly any coughing for me. Within minutes it flushes away any stress I might have at the end of the day. I have a bad back and I find Houseplant is particularly good at relaxing my muscles, I would say as good as or better than White Widow, which I also love. I’m enjoying its effects as I write this and can honestly say without hesitation that I highly recommend this strain. I have tried the hybrid Houseplant and enjoyed it as well. Doesn’t have the same body punch the Indica does but that’s to be expected from a hybrid. The hybrid is perfect for when I want to enjoy a great relaxing evening in my hobby room. I have not tried the Sativa version.

    1. Author

      That’s quite the glowing review 😀 I think health canada is finally changing some of the packaging laws around the warning labels (I hope) updating the propaganda they currently put on it. I’d love to see terpene profiles on the labels!

  6. Love love love houseplant! Reminds me of grandmas porch. It tastes like it smells! Hits you hard. So relaxing! Love the retro packaging.. almost like a cologne box.

  7. I just tried the sativa Houseplant. Of course, the packaging is ridiculous but we know the government makes them do that. It was finger crumble dry, but very crystally and nice buds. The stuff rolled up really nice, burned a nice medium thickness smoke and clean light grey ash. The taste and high was a cut above, especially for store bought herb. You could re use the container to store a homemade cannabis salve or roaches or your pills or something. Be good potheads and reuse! Would buy again.

  8. Working as a bud tender I’ve dealt with a lot of mouldy houseplant. It is also a really slow moving strain as it’s grown by another company that in my own personal opinion doesn’t have the greatest quality cannabis. Get lots of frequent complaints about the lacklustre quality for the price of this bud. Although they eliminated the box element from the packaging the glass component to the packaging is still pretty unnecessary and wasteful (which isn’t due to regulation nobody is making them put blast in their containers). Definitely a strain that I haven’t bothered trying myself since the negative reviews have outweighed the positive

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  10. I’d like to see Seth Rogen smoke this. The aroma and flavour are both awful. So is the packaging. Although I’m really not shocked, when I heard about this brand originally I was a bit pessimistic… it feels like he’s just lending his name to a business opportunity.

    1. Author

      One thing that’s important is to check the dates when buying LP cannabis. The date is the packing date so it’s likely even 1 month older than that.

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