How to have mind blowing orgasms (with the help of cannabis)

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This is what all women want to achieve, toe curling, mind blowing, earth-shattering orgasms that leave you in that beautiful afterglow, feeling ecstasy and deep relaxation.

Yes this is achievable even if you’ve never had an orgasm before, even after menopause and even if sex is painful, cannabis (and a few other tools) can help.

The key to good orgasms is to be relaxed, present and open. Cannabis will help you release tension from your body and vagina because let’s face it ladies, we hold a lot of stress in the yoni.

Stress, lack of sleep, overwhelm, medical conditions, mental health issues and hormone changes can all impact our sex life. So many factors can make it hard to even get in the mood, let alone achieve an orgasm.

In this article I’ll go over all of the tools you can use to achieve a mind blowing orgasm.

How cannabis helps sex

One of the greatest things about being a woman is the incredible orgasms we can achieve. Not just one, we can have multiple, intense orgasms. However not all women are able to achieve an orgasm, let alone multiple orgasms.

How do we tap into that sensual part of ourselves when we struggle to even get in the mood? Cannabis! A little bit of THC is all you need to feel at ease, reduce pain and feel present.

The majority of women [who said that they mixed sex and cannabis] said that the sexual experience was improved, orgasms were improved, the libido was improved, pain was improved, and lubrication really didn’t change…there are a variety of ideas as to why. One is that cannabis lowers your anxiety and stress, it gives you a little bit more confidence in your sexual ability. Or it may slow down your perception of time and heighten sensation.

Gynecologist Beck Kaufman Lynn

Cannabis helps to shut out the world and put you right into this present moment. This is why so many women love cannabis, especially moms! Our minds are usually on a million things, with cannabis we can get out of our heads and into our bodies.

Connecting with your body, feeling sensual and aroused is what cannabis does for you. Cannabis is nature’s aphrodisiac and it has the added benefit of pain relief.

Those of you that struggle with painful sex (as I do) will find relief with cannabis. It helps to ease the pain and softens/relaxes the walls of the vagina, so you can enjoy penetrative sex.

The key is to use cannabis correctly. Below I’ll go over how you can use cannabis and other tools, to achieve deeper orgasms.

How to achieve a mind blowing orgasm:

  1. Choose the right cannabis product and dose for sex
  2. Set the scene for relaxation
  3. Spend time on foreplay
  4. Use orgasm enhancing sex toys and props to support your body
  5. Be in the right frame of mind

How to choose the right cannabis products and dose for sex

When it comes to sex, it’s better to use a low dose of cannabis. You want to feel aroused and your senses heightened however there’s the risk of taking too much and feeling either too sleepy, or overstimulated.

Traditionally it was thought that sativa is best for daytime activities and indica for sleep. I’ve been using indica for sex for a long time. There’s no scientific evidence that the classification of indica or sativa has any influence on effect.

That being said, those of us who’ve used cannabis for a long time will swear that indica is felt more in the body and sativa more in the head. However it has more to do with the properties of that particular cultivar (strain) such as terpenes and cannabinoids, that’ll determine how it feels.

When you’re looking for cannabis products to try, don’t worry about whether or not it’s a sativa, indica or hybrid- instead look for the percentage/mg of CBD to THC.

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ll know I stress using CBD with THC, always. That’s because CBD and THC work beautifully together and CBD reduce some of the side effects of THC.

Recommended cannabis dose for sex:
Under 10mg of THC and at least 10mg of CBD for edibles.
Under 15% THC and ideally 5% or higher CBD in flower.  

With flower you’re usually vaporizing it (what I strongly recommend) or smoking it, so you have a little more control over how much you consume. You can inhale a couple of times, wait to see how it makes you feel and take more as needed as it wears off much quicker than edibles.

With an edible you’re committed (unless it’s a fast-acting edible) so getting the dose right is important. Edibles take up to 2 hours to kick in and last around 4 to 6 hours (or more). I strongly recommend trying a cannabis edible before the night you plan to have sex, so you can figure out the perfect dose. A good starting dose is 5mg, if you have anxiety try 2.5 mg first.

The effect you’re trying to achieve is arousal and heightened senses without feeling sleepy or jittery. It doesn’t take much THC to get in the right mood for sex.

Senorita Cannabis Beverage

senorita cannabis beverage
Senorita Cannabis Beverage

Beverages are a great way to enjoy cannabis, you can find very low dose beverages containing only 2mg of THC. However most Canadian beverages have 10mg of THC.

I love Senorita it tastes just like a lime margarita. Pour over ice and sliced lime and sip on it while you soak in an infused bath. I recommend drinking half the can, maybe sharing it with your partner if you’re new to cannabis, 10mg can be a bit too strong for beginners.

The great thing about beverages is their fast-acting. This means you’ll start to feel the effects within 15 to 20 minutes and it will wear off in around an hour.

Edison Bytes dark chocolate truffles

Edison truffles
Edison Bytes chocolate truffles

These don’t contain CBD but they’re a decadent chocolate that’s simply divine. They come in packages of 2 truffles with 5mg of THC per chocolate truffle.

The other chocolates I recommend are Tokyo Smoke Pause, Foray dark chocolate and Fireside salted caramels. To get some CBD with it, buy a CBD edible to take with your chocolate. There’s several on the market including beverages that contain up to 20mg of CBD.

Wana 5:1 Pomegranate Blueberry Acai Chews

Wana CBD and THC edibles
Wana Blueberry Acai chew

This chew by Wana has the highest ratio of CBD to THC in a food product, to date. Each chew has 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. This is a great chew for sex because the CBD will help to relax you, and 5mg of THC is a good amount for many people. However if you have anxiety, or you’re sensitive to THC -take half of a chew and see how it makes you feel.

There’s plenty of edibles to choose from, whatever your taste, check out the reviews section to see which one appeals to you and give it a try!

Infused intimacy oils

There’s currently only one infused lube on the Canadian cannabis market, it’s made my Proofly. However you can try suppositories, there’s one made by Assuage, or Foria Awaken (an American product). In the United States you can by Foria Awaken infused with CBD, in Canada you don’t get CBD however even without the CBD, it’s a great product!

With all topicals, including infused lubrication, you want to give it 15 to 30 minutes for the cannabinoids to do their thing.

Set the scene so you feel relaxed before sex

A mind blowing orgasm will happen when you feel relaxed. Everyone is different in what makes them feel sexy and at ease. Candles are definitely helpful in creating ambiance as is the right music.

I recommend taking your cannabis first, then get into a relaxing bath either by yourself or with your partner to relieve any tension you might be holding in your body. In the bath touch yourself, enjoy how you feel, enjoy how your body feels in the water.

A couple of infused bath bombs I like are: Noon & Night CBD Lavender Fizz and Nuance CBD Grapefruit

After a bath, give each other a massage (this would be a good time to use an infused arousal oil on the clitoris, as it needs time to work), there’s several massage oils I’ve tried over the years and the ones we like the best are: Shunga massage oil and Lush massage bars

I find a massage after a bath works in two ways- the bath will help to relax your muscles, making it easier to massage the body and second; a massage is a nurturing exchange of love between you and your partner. This helps make you feel close and connected to each other.

Suggested music for massage: I highly recommend listening to crystal singing bowls, there’s something about the vibration of the sound that’s incredibly relaxing.

Foreplay to warm up and suggested Sex toys for maximum pleasure

Foreplay is really important for achieving an orgasm. It helps to literally get your juices flowing and aroused enough to really enjoy sex.

I often skip foreplay as I’m tired and want to get to the end quickly. This means I’m not as relaxed and as in the mood as I could be, and end up requiring too much lube. Even taking a few minutes to warm up will help quite a bit to get you to that mind blowing orgasm.

There’s a few toys I recommend, and just so you know, I’ve literally tried dozens of toys. My husband and I at one point had 3 boxes of toys as we’ve been together for almost 25 years, so ya know we have to spice things up! There’s a few winners that I go back to over and over for foreplay and they are:

Glass Gspot dildo

What I love about this product is the feel of the glass, it’s smooth and while it’s hard, it slides nicely. I also love the feel of the cold glass and then switching to the warmth of my man after using this toy. It’s great to use right before sex.

The one I have (pictured above) is called Icicles No. 31 double G-Spot glass dildo

Nobessence fling

This wooden toy is non-porous, easy to clean and feels smooth. It’s ergonomic in its design and allows your partner to find that G spot. I’ve scoured the internet for you as they’re hard to find, usually sold out and I was able to find it at this website. *note I haven’t purchased anything from this website

Both of those products are hard, so if you have internal pain, they may not work for you. Foreplay toys are a nice thing to have but it’s not necessary for good foreplay.

Orgasm enhancing sex toys and props

Womanizer sex toy

The Womanizer. The end.

Seriously, this is the only toy I use now. It somehow turns pain into pleasure, it sends your orgasms into the stratosphere, it’s the best thing that’s happened to my clitoris.

The key to using The Womanizer is to use it during sex. Find the right position that will enable you to hold the womanizer against your clitoris while having sex with your partner.

The best sex positions for clitoral stimulation are; doggy style, reverse cowboy or lying on your side. Any position where you can use the toy and have sex at the same time is ideal.

I also recommend waiting to use it until you’re ready to orgasm, or want to bring it on as it can be quite intense.

It also takes a bit of getting use to, as placing The Womanizer correctly is the key. You need it to fit on your clitoris snugly so the suction works. They come with 2 different sized suction cups so you can see which one fits better.

The one I have is waterproof so you can use it in the bath beforehand as well to warm up and also to practice getting the right placement.

*Update- my womanizer recently stopped working, they come with a 5 year warranty (mine was over 2 years old) so I went to their website, filled out the form and within one week I had a brand new womanizer delivered to my door! This company has incredible customer service.

I also recommend a simple bullet vibrator on the clitoris during sex, it’s not as good as The Womanizer but it also does the trick. There’s several on the market from a basic inexpensive bullet vibrator, to one with a few more features like the We-Vibe Touch it’s nice and compact and rates well (I haven’t personally used it), if you’re looking for a simple vibrator.

Proper lubrication is everything

Even if you’re quite wet, once you’ve been having sex for awhile, you’ll likely need extra lubrication. I’ve tried so many lubes over the years, and there’s a few good ones on the market but you won’t find them at the drugstore.

What I recommend is visiting a local sex toy shop where you can feel the lube in your hand and see if it breaks down too quickly and gets tacky.

Props to help support your body

Regardless of whether you have mobility issues or not, the Wedge and the Ramp by Liberator will help support your body in different positions, and they’re a game changer for doggy style.

You can use the wedge and the ramp for numerous sexual positions.  The ramp is quite large and is more difficult to store however it makes more positions possible. We mostly use the wedge.

A mind blowing orgasm is within reach, when you’re in the right frame of mind

Cannabis plus getting really relaxed first with a calming bath, sensual massage, good foreplay and orgasm enhancing oils and sex toys all used together, will give you one hell of an orgasm. However it matters that you feel sexy, regardless of what you see when you look in the mirror.

Credit- Birds Papaya

They key is your mindset. Getting into the right frame of mind means you see yourself as sexy AF regardless of what you think about your body. For moms a postpartum body, especially after a C-section, can leave you with a fupa (tummy that hangs) and that can have a negative impact on how you see your body.

I know of too many women who have a hard time even getting naked in from of their partner. This is going to have a negative impact on your sex life and make having an orgasm that much harder, if you’re feeling self conscious about your body.

One way to overcome a negative body image is to practice walking around naked in front of your partner until you feel more at ease in your own body. Your partner finds you sexy or they wouldn’t be with you, so see yourself as sexy too.

Besides body image, being a parent is exhausting and the last thing most moms want at the end of the day after taking care of children, is to have sex. We mostly want to sleep and we don’t want to be touched. It’s why I love cannabis so much for sex, it rescued my sex life from pain and lack of desire.

A mind blowing orgasm is achievable with a bit of cannabis, relaxation and a few tools to enhance sex. It’s also important that you feel sexy too.

Cannabis is one of those things that will help you get out of your head and get you into that sexy body of yours. So go have a mind blowing orgasm, mama!

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