Dry herb vaporizing: Can you reheat a bowl you just vaped?

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Yes! You can reheat your bowl which is both economical and good for those us who are too lazy (like me) to refill it 😄
However there’s a few things to know about vaping the same bowl twice :
1- it will taste not so great on second round
2- depending on the temperature you initially vaped at, you’ll lose some properties on second round as they’ve been vaped off
3- only really works if you used a lower temperature and/or took only a couple draws on the first round.

How to know if you can reuse your bowl

Take a look at the colour of the weed- you can scrape off the charred bits on the top- if there’s still green you can reuse it. If it’s brown all the way through it’s no good. You may be able to get something from it but the taste will be so awful, you won’t want to.
*note: you can feel more burnout from reheating a bowl, CBN (a cannabinoid that can make you feel sleepy) tends to be higher after vaping, best to do this in the evening and refill your bowl with fresh herb during the day.

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