Mom’s know how to ride the pandemic in style

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This look is inspired by the modern mom in 2020, who has put her career aside to stay home with her kids. Or she’s doing double duty all the while aging 10 years every week.

This modern mom is wearing her “I don’t give a fuck anymore” daytime pajamas, with a waistband that’s worn out and she’s paired it with an old, stained sweatshirt. To complete this look all you need is no bra, no makeup and unwashed hair that hasn’t been cut in many months.

Accessorize this look with a messy house because your kids haven’t been to school since March, and you’ve given up.

Modern Mom’s choose cannabis

This modern mom survives the second wave with a dry herb vaporizer packed with an uplifting cultivar, this one is Sativa by Houseplant.

Prefer edibles?

With a plague of the lungs spreading around the world, it’s likely you’d prefer to avoid inhaling anything. For daytime choose a good CBD oil and pair it with any low dose edible option (under 5mg) to gently lift your spirits and calm your body.

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