Everything you need to know about cannabis lube (will it get your vagina high?)

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Cannabis infused lubes are the hottest thing with women who are looking for a way to improve their sex life. With more and more cannabis products entering the market, and now that cannabis is legal in Canada, many women are wondering if cannabis can help them, especially for sex.

I’ve been using cannabis to improve my sex life for years, it’s the reason why I got back into cannabis after I quit smoking weed and discovered vaporizing. I’ve written a lot about cannabis and sex, how it gave me what I call “velvet vagina” and how I use edibles for sex to help with the internal pain I developed after my son was born via C-section.

It’s proven that cannabis is great for sex but what about when applied topically?

How cannabis topicals work

The skin has its own cannabinoids receptors, which are a part of our endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system regulates many functions of the body such as mood, sleep, digestion, hormones and more. The job of the endocannabinoid system is to keep our body in a state of homeostasis. Cannabinoids from the cannabis plant bind themselves to various receptors found throughout our bodies. There isn’t much science on topicals however there’s an abundance of anecdotal evidence from years of people using them.

Cannabis topicals come in a variety of types such as- bath salts, creams, salves, massage oils, suppositories and even make-up. Cannabis topicals have been celebrated for helping ease arthritic pain, skin conditions like eczema and with lube, vaginal pain and discomfort.

What cannabis lube does for sex and will it get your vagina high…

I suppose in a way it does get your vagina high, it just doesn’t get you high. THC from topicals doesn’t enter the blood stream and therefore won’t get you high. THC infused lube increases blood flow to the vagina, this can make your vagina feel warm and tingly. What cannabis infused lube does for the vagina is increase sensitivity, numb pain and many women report it deepens their orgasms.

I recently reviewed Sex Pot by Latitude, (unfortunately Sex Pot oil has been discontinued by the manufacturer) an intimacy oil new to the Canadian cannabis market. I gave it several tries before reviewing it to see if it lives up to the hype.

My experience with Sex Pot intimacy oil

I tried this oil four times before reviewing it, once was while I was on an edible, twice when I also vaporized cannabis and once where I didn’t use any cannabis. I’m used to using cannabis for sex, as I mentioned before, it’s the only way I can have sex without it causing pain.

Womanizer vibrator with Sex Pot intimacy oil by Latitude
Womanizer with Sex Pot intimacy oil by Latitude

I researched what other women said about using infused lube and their experience was similar to mine. What I felt about 15 minutes after applying the oil, was a tingling and warming sensation, like someone applied a heating pad to my vulva. This helped increase arousal.  I noticed it made my clitoris way more sensitive. I use the womanizer during sex (ladies, if you haven’t used this device while having sex, you’re seriously missing out!) and I noticed I had to turn the vibration down as it was too intense with the oil I applied.

*I’ve had questions about using the womanizer with an oil lubricant, it’s not recommended to do that, however I have been using the two with no issues or damage to the womanizer

I did notice that it numbed the area, so I felt less pain. Did it help with orgasms? The first time I can’t tell you because my son banged on the door THE EXACT MOMENT I WAS HAVING AN ORGASM (a little piece of you dies inside when that happens, amirite?) however I noticed the other times that it did seem to deepen and lengthen the orgasm a little bit.

Can you get high from cannabis lube and are there side effects?

As I mentioned before, no you won’t get high from THC topicals. However, if you have a cut on the skin, or cuts inside the vagina, some of the product may enter your bloodstream and you may feel a bit high.

Also if you have oral sex after applying the lube and if you swallow it, then you can get high from that as well. Otherwise it’s unlikely you will feel any kind of high, topicals work locally, so you’ll only feel the sensations where you applied the product.

As far as side effects, you might get a reaction to whatever ingredients are in the product itself, if you’re allergic to it. However you won’t get any side effects from cannabis in the topical.

*Cannabis oils shouldn’t be used with latex condoms or toys.

Other ways you can use cannabis lube

If you enjoy anal sex, cannabis oil applied to the anal area may help relax the anus and reduce pain. It’s definitely worth a try. However remember, you can’t use latex condoms with an oil.

For the vagina, using a cannabis lube even when you’re not going to have sex, can help with vaginal dryness, especially from perimenopause and menopause. It may also help with other discomforts we get from time to time such as skin conditions like ingrown hairs. It may help reduce the soreness you can feel after sex.

Cannabis lube is definitely worth a try

Cannabis intimacy products are definitely worth a try, it helps with arousal, reduces pain, increases sensation and gives you better orgasms. I recommend giving a product a try and if you do, let me know how it was for you in the comments below.

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