Microdosing Mushrooms~are psychedelics the next big thing in plant medicine?

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I must admit the last time I did mushrooms was in my 20s. Weed papa and I shoved a bunch in our mouth and washed it down with slurpees. What happened next was magic followed by nightmare because we did way too much.

However I remember a sweet spot with mushrooms. Similar to cannabis you can feel mellow, introspective and peaceful.

Taking small amounts can help you relax

I recently read that some moms are microdosing with Psilocybe mushrooms aka magic mushrooms, taking about 1/10th of a gram. They say it helps them feel peaceful, another tool to manage anxiety, which for some people (including yours truly) can be disabling.

Where can you get magic mushrooms?

Well, they do grow wild in B.C however it’s not recommended you go picking mushrooms without knowing exactly what you’re picking, some mushrooms are poisonous. You can buy them on the black market, but it’s illegal. However now that cannabis is legal, and with the rising evidence showing the benefits of using some psychedelics, we could see these mushrooms hit the legal market in the next few years. They are after all, just a mushroom that grows naturally in the wild.

I tried mushrooms with my husband, read about my experience here


  1. Microdosing is essential when you are planning to make a trip. It is because before starting your journey, you have to do particular stuff first, like stating your reasons, goal, and purpose why you are going to take this magic mushroom. Your dose must be in line with your mission.

  2. In microdosing you should be using it properly and should have a knowledge about it. I hope this mushroom could be the future treatment of a lot of diseases.

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