1:4 capsules by Dosecann

THC: 2.5mg per capsule CBD: 10mg per capsule
30 capsules
Extracted from a blend of flowers
Carrier oil: Ahiflower seed oil

I absolutely love these capsules and they're now my daily go-to. They're a great ratio of CBD to THC, I swallow 4 pills in the evening so I get about 40mg of CBD and 10mg of THC which gives me a nice mellow lift, no anxiety and then after about 3 hours I go right to sleep. I gave one to a friend to try and they helped her sleep as well. I've also taken just one in the day and found I barely felt the THC but it helped with mild relaxation.

This brand uses Ahiflower seed oil as their carrier oil, it claims to absorb better than MCT oil and has the added benefit of being high in Omega 3. Ahiflower seed oil is used as a vegan alternative to fish oil.

If you're looking for an affordable edible with CBD and small amounts of THC, this one is perfect. It's also a good one to try if you're having trouble sleeping. This bottle contains 30 capsules and currently retails for around $30 at Village Bloomery and around $35 in other stores.

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