Customizing your high with dry herb vaporizing

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One of the greatest things about vaporizing cannabis is your ability to customize your high, basically you can choose how you want to feel. With other methods such as smoking or eating cannabis, you don’t have the kind of flexibility that you do with vaporizing, and of course it’s the best way to enjoy the terpenes!

The flavour of terpenes are best experienced through vaporizing. If you want to know the boiling points for the various terpenes and cannabinoids, visit the dry herb vaporizing guide for a chart of each terpene and cannabinoid’s temperatures.

Smoking cannabis destroys terpenes

Terpenes are delicate and break down easily when exposed to environmental factors like oxygen, heat, humidity, and light. When you set your cannabis on fire you’re destroying the terpenes. Dry herb vaporizing helps to preserve your terpenes so you get the benefit of whole plant therapy, or the entourage effect.

Keeping the plant properties together and not burning them off allows you to get more benefit from cannabis overall.

Customizing based on activity

When it comes to customizing your cannabis experience with dry herb vaporizing, you need to be mindful of what you’re doing while using cannabis. The percentage of THC to CBD in your cultivar (strain) will also determine where you set your vaporizer.

Microdosing cannabis

When you need to be alert and ready to jump into action- like being with your kids, you definitely don’t want to feel any intoxication. This is when microdosing can give you the benefits of the cannabis plant, without it going to your head.

For microdosing dry herb the temperature range is between 157c/315f to 180c/356f. For cultivars with lower THC (under 10%), you can set the vaporizer’s temperature to around 180c/356F.

Most cultivars with lower THC also have CBD. If the flower you’re using has CBD in it, set the temperature to 180c/356f as that’s the boiling point for CBD.

The boiling point for THC is 157c/315f you can set your temperature to lower that 157c/315f to avoid THC. If your vaporizer doesn’t go below a temperature of 180c/356f then choose a cultivar with low THC, ideally 5% or less of THC.

Working out and sex

For activities like cleaning the house, doing a workout and sex you might want some THC but not too much.

For these activities you’ll want to stay in the range of 180c/356f to 185c/365f, depending on how strong your cultivar is and the terpene profile. Be mindful of how many draws you take, pausing between each one to make sure it’s not too much.

THC is great for working out and sexual activity but too much can make you drowsy or jittery and you don’t want that! I recommend using a cultivar with CBD, a good 1:1 is ideal for these activities.


If you need to sleep, or you want to feel that lovely couch lock feeling, then you you’ll want a higher temperature of at least 190c/375f.

However if your cultivar has the terpene linalool, set the vaporizer to at least 198c/388f as that’s the boiling point for linalool. Linalool can make you feel drowsy, so anything over that temperature will help you fall asleep.

Play around with temperatures to find the best fit

The best thing to do is play around with the temperatures for the cultivar you’re using. Get to know the boiling points for each terpene and cannabinoid will help you master vaporizing temperatures.

With vaporizing it’s balance between the terpene and cannabinoid profile, temperature and your own tolerance level. Once you get these things down, you’ll always get the desired effect for your activity.

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