Customizing your high with dry herb vaporizing

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One of the greatest things about vaporizing cannabis, is your ability to customize your high, or choose how lifted you feel. With other methods such as smoking or eating cannabis, you don’t have the kind of flexibility that you do with vaporizing, and the terpenes! The flavour of terpenes are best experienced through vaporizing. If you want to know the boiling points for the various terpenes and cannabinoids, scroll to the bottom of my dry herb vaporizing guide for a chart for each terpene and cannabinoid.

Customizing based on activity

*Note- CBD vaporizes at 180c/356f so if you’re using a cultivar with CBD, set the temperature to at least 180c/356f.


When you need to be alert and ready to jump into action, you have to make sure you don’t feel any intoxication, this is when microdosing can really help ease your stress without it going to your head.

THC vaporizes at 157c/315f, so for microdosing, you would choose a temperature range between 157c/315f to 171c/340f. However if you don’t want any THC go for a temperature less than 157c/315f and see how that feels.

Working out, focused work and sex

For activities like cleaning the house, where you might want some THC but not too much, you’ll want to stay in the range of 171c/340f to 185c/365f, depending on how strong your strain is, and your tolerance. Be mindful of how many draws you take, pausing between each one to make sure it’s not too much. THC can be great for focused work and sexual activity but too much can make you drowsy or anxious.


If you need to sleep, or you want to feel that lovely couch lock feeling, then you you’ll want a higher temperature of at least 198c/388f. That’s because linalool, the terpene that’s also found in lavender; vaporizes at 198c/388f. Linalool can make you feel drowsy, so anything over that temperature will help you fall asleep.

Pain & Upset stomach

If you have pain or upset stomach like nausea or indigestion, you’ll want to use higher temperatures. Higher temperatures can be felt more in the body, especially if it’s an indica. Higher temperatures are 190c/375f+ however try going over 204c/400f to see if that helps. Just go slow, pausing after each inhale to make sure you don’t overdo it.

The best thing to do is play around with the temperatures with each strain so you get the desired effect. Just one draw can be enough to get an idea of what temperature is best.

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