Bhang Milk Chocolate (48% cocoa)

THC: 2.5mg per piece x 4 pieces (10mg)
THC ethanol extraction
Ingredients: Sugar, bittersweet chocolate, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla

I love chocolate, all kinds however not the biggest fan of too dark and I'm not a fan of the super sweet milk chocolate either. This lovely milk chocolate by Bhang gives you a not-too-sweet milk chocolate taste, with a hint of almond even though there's no nuts in them.

I also like that they're smaller pieces, if you need to eat 10mg it'll be no problem. The picture represents one 2.5mg square so each piece is a nice size. Unless you want to eat a lot of chocolate, in that case this bar might not seem satisfying enough. I found it light and it made me feel a bit sleepy, relaxed. It's a pleasant chocolate that lives up to it's reputation as I've been told by several people that they love this chocolate and I can see why, I'll be buying this one again.

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