Dark Chocolate by Foray

THC distillate (indica dominant)
Package contains: 2.5mg of THC per square x 4 squares (10mg total)
Ingredients: 66% Dark Chocolate (unsweetened chocolate; sugar; cocoa butter; soy lecithin; vanilla beans seeds), Cannabis Extract.

I’ve heard many good things about Foray edibles and this didn’t disappoint. This is a wonderfully decadent but not too sweet chocolate that's simply delightful. Foray uses a high quality chocolate and you can tell. It’s not just a nice chocolate on its own, it provides a calming elevation that's perfect for when you need to unwind and relax. This is a good one for anyone who has issues with anxiety. 
*note- I found these chocolates to be a little strong, if you're new to cannabis or edibles, start with one square.

It's self care in a chocolate

I will absolutely be buying this chocolate again, it’s one of the best edibles I’ve had and I would recommend Foray Dark Chocolate to anyone who appreciates good quality chocolate. The only thing that might be a downside for some of you is the size of each piece of chocolate. This might seem a bit too much to eat if you need to eat all 10mg, however you could also grate this chocolate into some warm milk for a drinkable chocolate. If you're new to cannabis or only need a low dose and love chocolate, this is the perfect thing.

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