Orange Citrus Rapid Spray by Feather

THC: 200 mg total 2mg per spray
Ingredients: HFC-152a, Cannabis Extracts, Ethanol, Botanical Terpenes.
Hold under your tongue for at least 30 seconds for fast acting or add to a beverage or food or simply spray directly into your mouth and swallow.

Each spray provides a metered THC dose of 2mg  This spray is an ethanol based tincture with fast onset when sprayed under the tongue but can also be sprayed into your drink or simply swallowed for a longer effect.

This is the first real spray on the market, (in my opinion) the others are simply oil sprayed into your mouth with no sublingual effects, meaning it can’t be absorbed under the tongue.

The feather spray however does let you use it under the tongue which then enables the cannabis to go straight to your bloodstream and bypass your liver. This makes a lighter, fast-acting feel. However if you swallow it, this will be processed by your liver and you will feel the more intense effects of an edible 1 to 2 hours later. Doing this allows you to get the best of both worlds, fast acting and the long term edible.

However if you don’t want the long term effect I recommend you don’t swallow the liquid. 

The spray creates a mist that can get up your nose, it’s very easy to use though and the flavour isn’t bad, it tastes like orange but with a more medicinal taste. So if you’re going to mix this spray into food or a drink, make it something that compliments the orange flavour.

Overall I like this product, it works well and each spray is 2mg so it allows you to customize your dose and take a small amount at a time if you choose.

This product retails for about $25 and you get around 100 sprays per container.

Did you try this product, what did you think?


  1. The propellant in this product is HFC-152A…..ITS HYDROFLUOROCARBON…. In other words COMPUTER DUSTER.

    you aren’t supposed to inhale the big cloud that gets blasted into your mouth. I find the product disgusting..

    It only has 2 mg per spray, so you may need to spray 5-10 times… If I spray it 5 times under my tongue, I don’t really feel anything? I’m very disappointed in the be honest I don’t even want it… It’s gross… Do you like the flavor of orange rinds? It’s bitter. Do you like the taste of computer duster? Didn’t think so.
    I like the idea of a fast onset spray because I don’t smoke. But after spraying this crap n my mouth I’m coughing because of the computer duster I inhaled. Lol.. I don’t want to inhale, smoke, vapor, or compressed gas.

    1. Ya supposed to be 2 mg per spray idk .10 mg usually does me in but this has little to no effect. Slight feel at first but very mild . Don’t like the propellant causing a cough and Not very hot on the taste. Won’t make that mistake again.

    2. It’s actually CO2, do some research before spreading misinformation.
      Still you shouldn’t inhale it like this idiot but it will do what it’s intended to do if you follow the instructions.

  2. I thought getting high was supposed to be enjoyable.Now we inhale computer keyboard solvents. Progress?

  3. Trying this now. I’m not buying into the fear mongering about keyboard duster, this has been approved by Health Canada just like all other cannabis products here. Besides, let’s be honest, there are a lot more risk factors that people have taken doing drugs. Y’all never heard of whippets before and it really shows.

    Took 5 sprays initially. Felt a small hit within 30 seconds, but very subtle. Got up, went to do something for 10-20 minutes, then came back and took another 5. Generally feeling that this is a product that’s for light use, it’s not as intense as pulling on most of my vapes. As I’m writing this I can feel the high coming up a bit more, little bit of fuzziness in the legs, slight euphoria.

    This seems like it will last a little bit, though I’m not yet sure if it’s worth $30. If it takes me 10-15 sprays each time I use it, that means max 10 sessions. I feel like that’s a little underwhelming when comparing to something like a 1g 510 cart, which usually lasts me somewhere between 1-3 months with weekend toking, and those cost a bit more, usually $35 – 50.

    Value offering aside, this is a nice controlled way to get a dose and avoids a lot of the potential (fairly low due to regulation) risks associated with vaping, and certainly provides health benefit over smoking. If you’re looking for something to carry in your pocket to help with anxiety while out, this is going to be your best friend.

    Still yet to test it as an edible, only used sublingually.

  4. Am I able to purchase this spray and have it shipped. I likely would order 3 if it doesn’t expire.
    I’m in Manitoba. No one has it here

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