How cannabis saved my sex life after giving birth

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For me, sex is very important. The connection, the release, the intimacy all of it’s a big part of my well being. Unfortunately I also deal with generalized anxiety/panic disorder, a condition I’ve struggled with my whole life (bad genetics). Anxiety goes into my body and creates pain throughout my joints and muscles, including my vagina. I’ve often had issues with painful sex, which was made so much worse after my children were born.
When I was pregnant with my daughter I saw a pelvic floor specialist and while I was legs in stirrups,  she touched specific spots and I winced in pain. Vulvadynia, she declared, she tried to reassure me that it often gets better after childbirth. It didn’t. I had a second degree tear with my daughter, it took a full year before the tenderness in the perineum was better and 6 months before I could have sex again. After my son was born via emergency c-section it was the exhaustion that got to me. The tension from extreme sleep deprivation and the demands of two small children did me in. Sex was the furthest thing from my mind. But I wanted it back.
Cannabis to the rescue!
My husband introduced me to vaporizing. I’ve told this story both on my blog under cannabis and sex and in my instagram feed with the title “let’s chat about velvet vagina”. Cannabis made the pain go away and it felt good again, well, it felt like velvet! Whenever I tell women that they are instantly intrigued, many women struggle with painful sex, if you do too, know it’s a common thing and don’t feel bad.
Cannabis can be used medicinally
I did used to feel bad about it, especially after watching the movie “Annie” by Woody Allen where she uses cannabis to to relax before sex and he makes her feel as though she depends on it too much. The problem is, your partner can feel as though they aren’t enough, you should desire them without “getting high.” However it’s not about your partner, you can feel intense desire for your partner but still have a difficult time having sex and reaching orgasm.
I use cannabis as a therapeutic aid for sex, so I relax and reduce the pain that I often feel during intercourse. Some women can just have a quickie in the bathroom with their husband on a whim, I can’t do that…yet. I used to, many moons ago but now it’s different, I don’t feel bad about it anymore, I adapt. Part of that is using a bit of cannabis so I can enjoy sex with my husband.
Cannabis is sensual
Cannabis and sex are made to go together. Cannabis makes you feel sensual, you want to touch and be touched. It heightens your senses and brings you into the moment, slamming the door on all the noise and distractions so you’re present and well, horny. That’s the beauty of it, so if you’re reading this and you’re partner suffers from painful sex, or you do yourself. Try it.
How to use cannabis for sex
If you’re new to cannabis I recommend vaporizing, it’s gentler on the lungs and allows you to reduce the temperature for a more subtle feel. Use a lighter THC cultivar (under 10%) and try different cultivars to see if they make you sleepy, you don’t want to feel couch lock during sex! Try a little bit and wait to see how you feel, then try a bit more until you are comfortable.
If you prefer to use an edible, I recommend using a low dose edible (under 5mg) or a fast-acting edible. Fast-acting edibles have a similar feel as inhaling cannabis; the duration is much shorter (15 min) and the onset quicker (1 hour). With standard edibles, the dose is very important, try an edible on  your own first, before using it for sex. This way you’ll see if you have the right dose or product for intimacy. 
If you’re new to cannabis and want more information, choose the ‘Learn’ tab in the main menu, there you’ll find more information about starting with cannabis and starting with edibles.
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