Posh Pot: Filter tips for a stylish burn

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By Kassandra Sison

Joint Filter Basics

We all remember it, right? The first time someone put a filter in their joint and you were so confused? Or shredding business cards or rolling paper packages. (Don’t do that anymore, ok?) Before we look at the variety of options available to you savvy shoppers, there are a few reasons why adding a filter to your joint is beneficial. Let’s discuss;

  1. Keeps the weed bits outta your mouth 
  2. Promotes better air flow and a more even burn
  3. Allows you to smoke the full joint, right up to the paper
  4. It can be pretty! Companies are now putting a lot of thought and design into them, making them a nice accessory or infusing them to enhance your experience even more. 

Read on for the wrap up.

The built in basic

Pack of 2 for $10 – Ohai

Lots of accessory companies, licenced producers and even retailers provide their own branded papers and will include pre-cut, perforated tips in their packages. These are usually plain, but handy and once you find one you like, you can’t beat a one stop shop. I am a big fan of these unbleached ones from Ohai. 

The perforation on these tips is perfect for beginners to roll a basic M filter.

The eye catcher

$3 per package – Crowns by Eves of Eden

These are a great little addition to your stash kit. They come in a variety of styles and patterns, and create a little visual excitement. Perfect for beginners and long-time consumers alike, you can customize the size of the filter you’d like to use by cutting the individual sheets. These filter sheets are non perforated, and you can create any style filter you’d like. They are a thicker paper weight, and as such are perfect for people that need a little extra support and structure in their joints. 

The glass piece

Approx $5.00 – Etsy

A glass filter tip is a whole other ballgame! These beauties provide an additional layer of barrier between you and the fire, and they also have the added bonus of being reusable, as they are easy to clean! If sustainability is a concern to you, this is a great option. Additionally, you can pop these guys in the freezer for a cooler inhalation. Some folks swear that these glass tips even help preserve the flavour of your herb, adding to the experience. Also, it doesn’t get wet and deteriorate like cardboard/paper filters if you’re a little extra, um..moist.

The one with a little something extra

$12 for a pack of 4  Meraki terpene infused tips  

I AM OBSESSED with these ones. These are small wooden tips that have been infused with a blend of terpenes, designed to enhance specific features of the cannabis plant. With two different formulas available (one for pairing with Indica cultivars, and one for Sativas) these ingenious little guys can be reused (but only once) and each package purchased is generously donated to funding cannabis research via MAPS.  These elevate my sessions for sure, and I love the concept.

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